Will Expense of War Lead to Collapse of US Dollar?

I’m frightened by the future and what’s currently happening in Syria and the Middle East with this ISIS group that’s terrorizing the area. When you’re too radical a group for Al Qaeda, you know things are bad. But in all seriousness, it appears we are back at square one with all this Iran/Iraq/US conflict – and it’s just a matter of time (I think) where the US will devote more and more money and possibly troops to the decades-long troubled area. What to do?

The total costs of the entire war since 9-11 is estimated at just over $1.1 trillion dollars, not to mention the close to 5,000 lives lost and the countless casualties.  And we’re back to the beginning it seems. It all is very depressing. We are talking TRILLIONS!

How much money can we print to handle all of this? Even the most optimist person must realize that eventually the bubble has to burst and this new “fake prosperity” will immediately stop. Could this ISIS conflict be the stimulus for such an event? I think it’s more than possible.  The money being devoted to this cause is staggering!

The price of gold still hovers in the $1,300 an ounce range and if you look at the stats, gold was the worst performing asset class in 2013 — down 24.8 percent. Yet gold is still the best-performing asset of this century! And if you understand the implications of what another $1.1 trillion dollars spent for war will translate to, you better start thinking for the immediate future as well as your long-term.

  • We know recent events and their long-term consequences will officially bankrupt the country (in fact, it already has – but you’re being told by the mainstream media that everything is great and the recession is over.)
  • We know the collapse of the dollar is imminent (basic math practically ensures this)
  • We know we need to be forward-thinking with our monetary goals.
  • We know gold is a historic long-term store of value

Folks, I can’t stress enough the importance of getting involved with Karatbars right away. With Karatbars, you are simply exchanging your depreciating fiat paper money for real 999.9 bullion gold, certified by the LBMA  and available to you in small denominations unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. Setting up an account is free and there are no minimums, storage fees or dreaded autoships (unless you want to). You can even make a business out of it if you’re into network marketing.

The world’s a mess and there’s no end in sight to the disaster that’s happening and has been happening for far too long. But there’s a new game in town – and its name is Karatbars!

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