Why Starting Your Karatbars Gold Business Makes Sense

Folks, it’s time we face some unpleasant realities: the suicide bomber we currently have in the White House is killing the middle class and most of us are walking around like the proverbial frog in the boiling pot that doesn’t realize it’s getting cooked until the heat becomes too much to bare. We’re being constantly lied to by the mainstream media who keep telling us everything is great, yet in reality tens of thousands of people are losing their jobs on a consistent basis. Brace yourself: The company that employs you and government are not there to protect you – you have to do that yourself. Don’t believe it?… Watch this video from gold-advocate Wayne Allyn Root:

Whether you want to face it or not, you have to be in your own business in order to protect yourself from the upcoming collapse of the U.S. dollar. Stocks, bonds, and real estate are not your answer. Gold, however, has consistently been a centuries-long store of value and continues to be so today. That’s why gold is your answer to where you should be looking to allocate a portion of your portfolio. But let’s get back to that “starting a business” thing.

Everyone knows it’s the correct thing to do, but our corrupt government makes you run through so many hurdles, obstacles, licenses, and red tape, they make it almost impossible for the average person without a large savings to do. (Hmmm… I wonder why – maybe because government needs you dependent on them?)

That’s the reason most people who want to start their own businesses turn to network marketing and multi-level marketing (MLM). No employees, easy start-up fees, working from home, etc., makes this a very enticing option. There’s only one problem: a very high percentage of them fail, and they fail mostly because of the dreaded “A” (autoship).

Autoship kills just about everyone involved with network marketing. That’s the reason 97% fail and an even higher percentage of people who get into an MLM never make a dime out of it to begin with! When you’re constantly forced to purchase an overpriced piece of garbage when your real focus is just on recruiting people into an organization that’s forced to rely on industry shills like Dr. Oz to endorse the product (and YOU have to pay a monthly fee to do it!), that’s definitely a formula for failure.

Let’s recap: you realize you’re getting lied to, you know you have to start a business, you’re middle class and getting murdered, you don’t have enough money to start a “real” business, and you don’t want to waste your time with an “MLM opportunity” recruiting people out of coffee shops. Is this you? What do you do?

The answer is Karatbars. The Karatbars opportunity allows you to accumulate gold in small denominations at your own pace, without any restrictions or autoship requirements. The “product” you are selling is real, 999.9 bullion gold, certified by the London Bullion Market Association, along with a hologram and serial number that certifies purity and weight, which is about as real as it gets.

And even if there was an autoship, who’s going to mind a garage full of gold versus your friend who’s stockpiling unsellable hand cream or bad-tasting energy drinks.

In addition to accumulating gold for yourself, Karatbars has an affiliate program that allows you to earn while others do likewise. Your “product” is gold (money). There are no autoships. You’re in a real business. You go at your own pace so you can start out small or big, your choice. You’ve got no employees or red-tape to deal with. You don’t have any inventory to store (Karatbars does that for you if you wish). And throughout it all, you’re protecting yourself against financial crisis and the inevitable collapse of the U.S. dollar.

… And you’re doing it all with pep in your step because in doing so, you’ll probably be leading a happier life. Seriously, who doesn’t get this? (sure,  maybe the Karatbars haters out there on the internet who blindly dismiss the opportunity as a pyramid scheme but who secretly “hate us cuz they ain’t us“)

Stop listening to the masses! People are sheeple, they’ll do and believe what they’re told. You’re probably different – If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to get moving on your free Karatbar account today and get going with your own business that’s REAL and makes sense!

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