Why Gold is your Best Network Marketing Business Opportunity

Raise your hand if you check Facebook every day and most of the posts from your “friends” on your newsfeed deal with them pitching in some way their network marketing or MLM business opportunity. (all hands should be raised at this point).

You see it every day! And I have to give some of these people credit because they do it very subtly at times. Nonetheless, do you want to know why ALL of it is a complete waste of time? It’s simple: people don’t trust people when they know there’s an ulterior motive behind it.

I don’t care how much you talk about your hand cream amazingly making your skin look younger – I don’t believe you! I don’t care how many times you have to tell me you “feel so much better with so much more energy” by taking your magical energy drink or vitamin supplement – I don’t believe you! I don’t care how much money you easily made sending out post cards – I don’t believe you!

I don’t believe Starbucks when they tell me they have great coffee. I don’t believe MicroSoft when they tell me their software is the best. And I certainly don’t believe the famous line “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”!

I have serious trust issues with people I don’t know well, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. People make things up all the time, and sometimes they say it over and over so often that (in their defense) they probably believe their own nonsense. How do I really know you lost all that weight solely from your miraculous MLM diet pill or whether it was a result of dieting and intense physical workouts? How do I know your skin looks better just because of your new moisturizing lotion? (maybe you just stopped smoking or something).

The point is: most network marketing businesses and mlms rely on “believing” a “success story” that’s totally impossible to prove when subjected to extreme scrutiny. The prospects attitude becomes one of “I don’t know if you’re really feeling better by using your product or if you’re just saying you do to get me to sign up”.

This is why the Karatbar Gold Business Opportunity is so great. Your product is money in the form of gold – there’s no denying any of it. Gold is the only currency on Earth that has stood the test of time for centuries and will probably continue to do so long after the Sun implodes and extinguishes our planet into a giant wormhole.

Your proof of product is the actual gold itself and you don’t have to worry about someone “selling” you, since everyone knows what gold is, everyone knows that it’s physical, and the actual product is completely separate from what the network marketers view of the world is or how they’re feeling or whatever.

In short, I can believe someone when they tell me about the benefits of owning gold. They are OBJECTIVE benefits, not SUBJECTIVE ones. I see what’s going on in the real world with Greece and Italy. I see what our very own Federal Reserve is doing to our economy. I understand that when the dollar collapses and continues to lose status globally that inflation will skyrocket. There’s no doubt in my mind that gold acts as a hedge against financial crisis.

It’s tangible. It’s real. And it’s why in today’s world – right now – there’s no better network marketing opportunity to get into because history is your trust partner. Believe it!

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