Thought Provoking Questions that may help You in the Gold Karatbars Home Based Business

Kudos out there to Kevin James Brown who came up with this and posted it to our Karatbars Skype group. And by the way, if you’re not in that group already, I strongly suggest you request an invite since it’s a great source of info and inspiration on how to succeed at your home-based Karatbars Gold business. Here are some THOUGHT PROVOKING QUESTIONS to ask people in general conversation:

  • If what you knew to be true turned out NOT to be true, would you want to know about it?
  • If time or money were not an issue, how would you describe your ideal life style?
  • Would you rather get paid on 100% of your own efforts or on 1% of the efforts of 100 people?
  • If you knew you only had 6 months to live what would you put on your “Bucket List”?
  • How is the economy affecting your profession?
  • Are you getting paid what you are worth?
  • Are you an opportunist?
  • Do you or any other business minded people that you know of still keep your passive residual income options open outside of what you are doing professionally?
  • If you were given 1 acre of land and told that there is 1 Million dollars worth of Gold buried there – and it’s all yours if you find it – would you be willing to look? Why? Why not? How much time would you commit? What type of tools would you use? Would you take other people to help you?
  • If you were to place $500 to $2,500 of your own money on 2 people that you would go into business with, who would you pick and why?
  • Do you think a $100 Bill is going to buy as much in 2 years as it does today?
  • If the company you work for asked you if you wanted to be paid in cash, gold, or a combination of both, what would your answer be?

All of which lead to the ultimate question: If there was a way to acquire 24 Karat smaller denominated pure 999.9 GOLD BULLION for FREE, GENERATE CASH FLOW and possibly BECOME FINANCIALLY FREE would you or others that you know of be open minded enough to finding out how?

Do people ask you what do you do for a living? Here’s a possible response which you can tailor to your own interests:

I teach business minded people all over the world how to MAGNIFY acquiring 24 Karat smaller denominated pure 999.9 GOLD BULLION MONEY and GENERATE CASH FLOW through a tested and PROVEN SYSTEM.

Then point them in the direction of registering for a free Karatbars Gold account.

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