The Financial Disaster: The ONLY Person that can Help You is YOU

I still laugh at the number of people who still think the government is here to help solve the monetary issues facing our country and our planet in general. Wow! The fact of the matter is that the VERY SAME PEOPLE who caused this mess are the ones the sheeple are looking towards to get them out of it!

What are the odds of that happening? They’re not good – especially since the very nature of government fosters corruption. And that’s the truth on just about every level. And the main reason for this is that no one is subjected to a punishment level severe enough to make corruption not an option.

Take the latest news with Martha Johnson, who resigned this month as head of the General Services Administration, who apologized today for a Las Vegas conference in 2010 that cost $823,000 and led to the ouster of the agency’s top leaders. Sure, she’s sorry – SHE’S SORRY SHE WAS CAUGHT!!! You think she was sorry about the time they had wasting all that TAXPAYER MONEY!?!? Of course not… and why did she do it? Because she knew if she were caught, all she’d have to do is “apologize” – spending YOUR money.

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So who’s the next Martha Johnson? I don’t know, but I do know for sure that something similar of a waste of taxpayer money is going on right now and will continue to do so until government employees are actually held accountable to how they spend your tax money. People will continue to do so and “apologize” when they’re caught over and over again.

… The very same people who you think are smart enough to lead us out of a global recession, which actually is a depression at this point – it’s just that the media doesn’t like to use that word. Do you believe the talking heads on the news? If so, yes, buy stocks (the market is back!); buy real estate (the market has hit rock bottom!); buy CD’s (the dollar is getting healthier by the day!). These are really smart people, right?

Folks, the only person who can save you from the hyper inflation we are about to see and the complete collapse of the U.S. dollar which is absolutely inevitable, is YOU! Please, please, please: if you haven’t thought of at least putting a small portion of your portfolio into precious metals and gold, look into that option right away.

At Karatbars, you can set up a free account which will allow you to exchange your fiat paper money into non-depreciating pure gold in small denominations with the world’s first and only private global gold currency exchange.

Martha Johnson blew $823,000 of your money and is the poster child for government behavior. Do you really trust her kind with your future? Only you can make a difference in your own life but you have to do it now before it gets too late.

And if you had a crystal ball, and you believe the likes of Mike Maloney and Robert Kiyoski, you’d see that gold is still a bargain at today’s price, right now. Stop waiting for someone on TV to save you.

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