The American Dream – Does it Exist? Or Is Buying Gold the Requirement

There’s a reason why they call the American Dream just that: a dream. People have to wake up to what’s actually a controlled experiment in global financing where the end game is certainly not to benefit you. The Fed creates money out of thin air and the only way the banks make money is by making debt loans. The “debt equals money” equation is the root of the entire mess we’re currently facing. Go get a cup of coffee (charge it to your credit card) and set aside about a 1/2 hour to watch the video below which explains how we’re all getting screwed with “free money”

So what’s the solution? It’s all about buying gold today as a hedge against financial crisis. It’s about starting your own gold-backed savings account. It’s about converting your depreciating fiat paper money for gold at the KB Gold private currency exchange platform.

Make it a business – but do it know. Register today for free for KB Gold and stop being one of the sheepeople who actually believe what they hear on the mainstream news, controlled by, you guessed it – bankers!

Perhaps George carlin said it best in this short excerpt from his “Life is Worth Losing” tour.

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