Taxes an Issue, but Next Presidential Election Relies on Inflation-Fighting Gold

A friend of mine mentioned to me the other day that the upcoming presidential election is going to be the most important in our nation’s history and the issue of taxation is sure to come up (like it always does in presidential elections). Regardless of whether you are a republican and want taxes lower or a democrat and want to tax the rich, the real problem is that taxes can’t possibly help us emerge from the economic disaster that we’re facing (and the bigger one still to come).

The U.S. deficit is more than twice what the government collects in taxes, as the Fed continues to print trillions of dollars out of thin air and basically perpetuating the very problem they think they’re fixing. Or maybe they’re doing it on purpose?…

Inflation is the issue that should be on everyone’s mind in this next election. Inflation – the word no politician mentions as if to say if we don’t confront the issue, it’ll go away. It will not, and that is the number one reason why we continue to suggest that you must buy gold today and start to hedge against financial crisis.

  • Fact: Since Obama was elected, the U.S. dollar has lost 48% of its purchasing power.
  • Fact: Americans today spend 48% more for gasoline than they did before Obama’s election
  • Fact: Americans today spend high double-digit more percentage-wise for products, commodities, and goods than the pre-Obama days

And while the U.S. Government created all this inflation (with nice assists from our “friend” the Fed), in an attempt to re-inflate the busted real estate bubble (which they created themselves as well), home prices continue to plummet as real unemployment rises at an alarming level.

The question: when will you be sick and tired of the manipulation and what are you going to do about it?

The answer, part 1: Stay active in the political process and vote in the next election for a candidate that understands the real issues (the Fed’s effect on inflation). Unless we address the Fed and its policy of constantly creating money out of nothing, taxes (or any other issues) are irrelevant. Ask a candidate directly: What are you going to do about the Fed’s inflationary practices?

The answer, part 2: Start a gold backed savings account for yourself at KB Gold, the world’s first and only private global currency exchange. By exchanging your money for gold, you are protecting yourself against inflation, and with the KB gold program, you can also earn when others in your organization do likewise. It’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of what’s about to happen in the next few years while others will literally be losing their shirts.

Taxes won’t matter when you have no money. As politician Ron Paul advocates: we need to End the Fed and start putting us all back on the path to prosperity. Gold will do that for you right now, so “like us” on facebook for some informative videos on how you can get involved with KB Gold and register for free for a gold-backed savings account of your own.

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