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Pyramid Scheme? Ponzi Scheme? Actually, the Federal Reserve is the Biggest Scam (Glenn Beck)

TweetLove him or hate him, Glenn Beck really points out some really strong facts about why the Federal Reserve is perhaps the biggest scam on the planet and why we as taxpayers continue to let this happen and “take it”: … Continue reading

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Modern Money Mechanics Zeitgeist Addendum Means You Must Buy Gold Today

After watching this video, ask yourself “Where is the outrage?” Our monetary system MUST collapse upon itself – it’s a mathematical certainty. So what can you do? Buy gold today and protect yourself from financial crisis – and even better, start a business offering free gold-backed savings accounts. This will be the business of the future! Spot a trend, get there first. Don’t sit back and say “oh, this won’t happen”. It will… and you need to take action by buying gold today.
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