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Buying Gold Nets Investor $5 Billion

John A. Paulson made $4 billion betting against newfangled mortgage investments. But he made even more betting on an old-fashioned investment: gold. The hedge fund manager invested heavily in gold on the belief that the dollar would lose value in the coming years. His gold investments are primarily done through a gold exchange-traded fund. Mr. Paulson, a hedge fund manager who sprang to fame when the housing market collapsed, personally made about $5 billion in 2010, according to two investors in his company. Continue reading

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Gold Usurps Dollar As Safe Haven for Worried Investors

During the past few years of global economic turmoil, the securities markets have been driven by fear. When fear drives the market, the result is unusual market behavior and decisions by investors that would normally not occur were fear not in the driver’s seat. Continue reading

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Has The Economic Collapse Effected You? Are You Ready to Buy Gold?

If you have been hit hard by the past few years economic times and still don’t believe it’s time for you to start considering buying gold or doing something to hedge and protect yourself in the future (where things will be considerably worse than they are right now), I would urge you to watch this video from Stansberry Investment Advisory, who claim to have warned their investors to avoid Fanny Mae and Freddie, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, General Motors and dozens other companies that have since collapsed. Continue reading

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