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Your New Year’s Resolution: Buy Gold Today and Invest in Gold

There couldn’t be a more constructive New Years resolution for you than to take action on buying gold and investing in a gold business opportunity. Forget losing weight, going to the gym, dieting, etc – they’re all good, but we all know what happens with those types of New Year’s resolutions.
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Has The Economic Collapse Effected You? Are You Ready to Buy Gold?

If you have been hit hard by the past few years economic times and still don’t believe it’s time for you to start considering buying gold or doing something to hedge and protect yourself in the future (where things will be considerably worse than they are right now), I would urge you to watch this video from Stansberry Investment Advisory, who claim to have warned their investors to avoid Fanny Mae and Freddie, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, General Motors and dozens other companies that have since collapsed. Continue reading

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Is Gold China’s End Game?

The Chinese government is advising people to buy silver and gold. The government is even producing educational television programs telling their citizens to invest in gold. Why would they do this? Continue reading

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Gold Imports by China Soar as Inflation Spurs Investment

From Bloomberg News, here’s an interesting article on how gold imports by China are soaring as inflation is a force we must reckon with by investing in gold. China’s gold imports jumped almost fivefold in the first 10 months from the entire amount shipped in last year as concern about rising inflation increased its appeal as a store of value.

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Why Buy Gold? 903 Banks in Trouble – And This is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

According to this article, just this past Friday, the government released new data showing that the FDIC’s list of “problem banks” now includes 903 institutions. That’s ten times the number of bad banks on the FDIC’s list just two years ago. The banks on the list have $419.6 billion in assets, or SIXTEEN times the amount of two years ago. And yet, these bad banks are just the tip of the iceberg! Continue reading

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Jobs Scarce in These Cities – Gold Business Opportunity May Help

According to an article in Yahoo Finance, Las Vegas tops the list of worst cities for finding a job, followed by Miami (Florida), Riverside (California), Detroit (Michigan), and Los Angeles (California). However, it really doesn’t matter where you live because times are tough all over. Continue reading

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Robert Kiyosaki: Buy Gold and Invest in Gold and Silver NOW

You thought gold was a good investment? Robert Kiyosaki says silver is an even better bargain. Should you invest in gold today? Should you buy gold and silver to hedge against the downturn of the economy and the eventual collapse of the U.S. dollar? Watch this video from the Alex Jones radio show as he interviews Robert Kiyosaki and find out for yourself Continue reading

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Gold and Silver Prices: You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet – Buy Gold Today

Want to predict the economic future for the United States? Watch what China and Russia are doing. China is not going to be our best friend anymore as they are cashing out of US investments. When other countries stop buying our t-bills and our federal reserve auctions, the dollar will collapse because there’s nothing else to back it up. The Federal Reserve is then forced into buying them back by printing up more and more money leading to the “i” word, inflation. Continue reading

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BlogTalkRadio Features Gold Investment Opportunity

TweetThe other day we alerted you to an online realtime presentation on how you can profit from gold investing and how to buy gold using the KB gold program. This gold opportunity informational session will now be featured on Blog … Continue reading

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