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How Fiat Paper Money Works and Why It’s the Root of All Evil

TweetIf it weren’t real, you wouldn’t believe how our monetary system works. But it is real, and it doesn’t work for you! You need to protect yourself to the inevitability of the collapse of the U.S. dollar. Watch this video … Continue reading

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki Warns That An Economic Collapse Is At Hand

TweetAre you getting prepared for the upcoming economic collapse? (Yes, I said “upcoming”). The mainstream media are lying to you – the recession is FAR from over. In fact, the next wave is approaching. If you don’t believe us, perhaps … Continue reading

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Why Inflation is a Certainty – You Must Invest in Gold to Protect Yourself

We are facing an economic crisis that no one in the mainstream media will tell you about. We are creating money out of thin air and the day of reckoning is soon at hand. Watch this video for a really detailed explanation on why gold is your best hedge to protect yourself against high interest rates, double digit inflation, and the inevitability of never being able to pay back what we owe Continue reading

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