Stop Doing Network Marketing and MLM

Please, just stop it! This video from a Facebook friend of mine totally nails it and shows you exactly why – there are SO many idiots out there “pitching” you all the time… especially at Coffee Shops!

As Bob mentions in the video, Karatbars, International is a great alternative to the nonsense MLMs and network marketing opportunities for two simple reasons:

1) Karatbars isn’t a network marketing or MLM opportunity. It’s more “affiliate” marketing where you sell a product and get paid a commission for doing so. Period. There are no ridiculous “autoships” – you’re simply exchanging your fiat paper money for gold at your own pace, with no minimums or penalties. (watch a short Karatbars intro video here)

2) Your “product” is, in essence, money itself! No one’s buying energy drinks, healthy coffee, or skin cream lotions piling up in your garage.

Seriously,  don’t you think you should be dealing with professionals like Bob rather than MLM marketers that drive you crazy? It’s time you start in on your 12-Week Karatbar Success Plan and register for your free Karatbar account today.

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