Stock Market is an Illusion – Only Buying Gold Offers Protection from the Eventual Dollar Collapse and Hyperinflation

Economic genius James Turk says that gold has been in such a sideways correctional situation for a number of years now, that a meaningful rally for gold is way overdue. Seasonal patterns don’t always work, but when they do, it’s good to be on the right side, and that certainly applies to the gold market.

Based on everything that’s going on right now in the global economy, the demand for gold is so great, the price most certainly will start rising as you cannot create gold out of thin air, like the Fed does with FIAT paper. Karatbar affiliates know this already, which is why the Karatbar gold business opportunity makes so much sense. With Karatbars, you can buy gold, (and even get free gold if you implement the 12-week success plan) and earn while others do likewise.

While some point to the stock market as a path to wealth, if you really break it down, you’ll clearly see how the deck is stacked against you. The stock market is actually a complete illusion – and this isn’t some kind of crazy conspiracy theory. This is just straight and simple math that clearly illustrates how the system works against you if you don’t understand it properly. In fact, if you were to calculate the real value of the dollar, you’d probably rather take your chances with the shark from Jaws.

The stock markets of the 10 largest global economies are all crashing. Please understand that the table is being set right now for the next financial crisis. Gold is cheap right now because the banking cartel is suppressing the price in a massive gold price rigging scandal. (Here’s the proof). And if you REALLY believe the mainstream media and think things are going great, what do you think will going to happen when the government shuts down? HINT: You’re going to wish you got involved with Karatbars way sooner! This is how the government does math:

Now I don’t want to sound all doom and gloom. The truth of the matter is that we’re in line to experience the greatest wealth transfer the world has ever seen. Being on the right side of the fence means you’ll be able to profit from it all. It starts with buying gold. It starts with Karatbars. And it starts with making gold your business!

Are you really living? Or are you just living to pay your bills until you die?

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