Status on American Gold Reserve from AGR CEO Reed Larson

By now, you’ve realized the value of buying gold and even making gold your business. The American Gold Reserve is one such vehicle for starting your own business based on gold marketing. If you haven’t done so already, let us STRONGLY encourage you to enroll in the American Gold Reserve here (please use sponsor code “rcosta”)

AGR does an excellent job in keeping clients and affiliates up to date with the latest news. Here’s their latest status report, emailed to us this morning on what’s going on with the company, how to market the gold opportunity successfully, and what you can (and can not) say:

We are all very anxious to go launch the American Gold Reserve website, to begin taking orders, and to move into the official enrollment stage! To that end, we wanted to give you an update on the timeline, and the things that must happen in order for us to launch successfully.

  1. The Countdown to Launch. The launch timeline has been held up somewhat due to certain regulatory concerns that we need to work through. Although we have already completed the legal documents, disclaimers, policies and procedures necessary for launch (which was our primary legal task), the legal review process turned up several regulatory concerns relating to the ways that various states and also the federal government could view an MLM where gold and silver is the main product being sold. Accordingly, we have instructed our legal team to review the business practices of all previous gold and silver-related MLM companies, together with the published regulations, guidelines, laws and ordinances related to these kinds of businesses, to make sure that everything we do is in conformance with the various regulatory bodies that will have jurisdiction over us. This will take some more time, and will require everyone’s patience and understanding.
  2. Making AGR Bulletproof. It is important that we structure AGR correctly, even if it takes longer than we all would like before we can officially launch! In the past, some have failed to do this, and have paid a heavy price. As one example, an MLM company that had been started in 2005 was shut down by the Federal Government in 2007, and fought an extended 4-year court battle that ended badly for them just 6 weeks ago (as the judge ruled against them). We cannot afford to make the same mistakes they made, nor the mistakes of others who have rushed in to this industry in the past! It is important to everyone’s long-term success that we take the time necessary, and make any adjustments necessary, to ensure full and complete compliance with all the laws governing both MLM companies and the gold and silver industry.
  3. Mistaken Marketing Efforts. Although we appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm, we continue to have emails and other marketing efforts brought to our attention, which contain much that is simply not true. Some examples of untrue statements we have heard are:

    - The owners of AGR also own the Kennecott Mine in Utah – NO, WE DON’T!
    - AGR is building a depository to store your gold, and issue you a debit card – NO, WE AREN’T!
    - Old Glory Mint is a subsidiary, or an owner, of AGR – NO, IT’S NOT! (The owners of OGM also have an interest in AGR, but one does not own the other)

    There are many others as well. As you can tell from these few examples, it is important that we disseminate ONLY TRUTHFUL and CORRECT information. To that end, we are busily preparing some official marketing materials that you will be able to use in your marketing efforts. Please remember, we are in the PRE-ENROLLMENT stage right now. The marketing of the opportunity should not, and will not, happen until the time of the official launch! Until then, do not send out emails or other marketing efforts or pieces that have not been expressly authorized by AGR.

  4. Don’t Say These Things! There are certain things we cannot say or represent in any case – and everyone needs to abide by these rules. A few examples of these things are:

    - You cannot tell people that gold or silver will be higher (or lower) in the future
    - You cannot promise that any person will make any amount of money if they enroll
    - You cannot promise that gold or silver will hold any value at all if the dollar collapses, or any other doomsday event happens – there are no guarantees!

Before we launch, we will provide you with a specific list of rules and guidelines regarding what you can and cannot legally and legitimately say about AGR, or about gold and silver in general. Until then, it is important that you do not make any representations about AGR, gold, silver, or the markets in general.

Remember, we are in “Pre-enrollment” right now. Those of you who have pre-enrolled have been allowed to do so by special invitation only! Once again, please do not market this opportunity to the general public until the official launch. At that time, everyone will be armed with official information, approved marketing materials, a fantastic website, the ability to purchase product and earn commissions, customer service, affiliate support, and the knowledge that we have done everything possible to make this the most successful gold and silver opportunity we possibly can!

Thanks again for your enthusiasm! We share your desire to get this thing rockin’ as quickly as possible, and we’ll keep everyone posted by conference calls and emails as we prepare to launch!

Have a great week, and please let us know if you have any questions.

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