Stats Say Central Banks Scaling Back on the Dollar and Buying Gold

When it comes to buying gold, so many people say, “Show me the numbers on why I should be buying gold”. Well, here’s an interesting study.

The World Gold Council just published a report stating that gold demand dropped modestly in the first quarter of 2015, but maintained that the market for gold remains well supported. That’s because the ETF demand for gold in the USA rose to positive levels for the first time since the fourth quarter of 2012.

From a macro standpoint, ETF buying and investment buying are the most important factors in the price of gold at the moment. As people start to open their eyes and see the truth in what’s really happening in our economy, more and more will see the necessity of having a portion of their funds devoted to buying gold and gold prices will surely continue to rise. Speaking of eye-openers, here’s an interesting take on gold from Kitco News:

Central banks continue their consistent buying of gold. They’ve done so for 17 consecutive quarters! Many of these central banks are scaling back on their reserve currencies with the US dollar being the main target of that which means the major, big time players are using gold as a way to diversify their portfolio. The people who run these banks are not dummies – they know what’s coming around the corner. This should be your wakeup call to do likewise in some manner.

That manner is the Karatbars opportunity, which allows you to accumulate and buy gold in small denominations at your own pace, as well as making it a business for yourself if you’d like as others do likewise.

Chinese, Russian, and Indian investors all have huge appetites for gold, which (unlike fiat paper money) has a centuries long history as a traditional store of value. The takeaway from this is that gold demand has stayed strong despite a collapse in oil prices. That resiliency in demand is a pretty good sign that gold is in strong hands. If you like gold and you’re looking for a level to accumulate it, now’s your time to get into Karatbars and register for your free account today!

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