South Carolina’s Lee Bright Wants Separate Gold-Backed Currency for State

Reading the writing on the wall, South Carolina lawmaker Lee Bright wants to the state to develop its own gold and silver based currency in case the Federal Reserve collapses and hyper-inflation ensues. Whoops, did we say “in case”… it’s more like “when” as in it will happen in the not too far away future. And Bright isn’t the first – there are similar bills in Georgia and Virginia, and the collapse of the U.S. monetary policy is a trending topic among many state politicians.

Texas GOP Rep. Ron Paul, who won the Conservative Political Action Committee’s presidential candidate straw poll last week, has been Congress’ most visible anti-Fed leader. Paul argues the Fed devalues the dollar, and proposes that the United States should gradually return to gold-backed currency.

Read the entire article here, but folks, let’s face facts: the worst of our current “recession” has yet to hit – and when it does, it’s going to hit hard. You MUST buy gold today to hedge and protect yourself. Even better, start a business offering gold-backed savings accounts and you’ll actually be in a position to earn money while others are watching all their money totally disappear.

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