Ron Paul Says The US Dollar is in a Huge Bubble. Are Gold Karatbars the Answer?

According to Ron Paul, this is the next financial crisis:

Is he right? Regardless how you feel about him politically, I think you have to admit that Ron Paul’s a pretty smart guy. Plus, he doesn’t seem to be phased by the mainstream media and is not afraid to speak the plain truth – whether you want to hear it or not.

No one really wants to believe that the US dollar will really actually collapse. What a disaster that would be! That’s why people sweep the thought under the rug. After all, with all the pressures in our daily lives, why worry about more things, right?

Well, WRONG! Unsophisticated investors look at the rising stock market and falling unemployment rate and feel like predicting the collapse of the U.S. dollar is Armageddon-type fear mongering. But when you peel back the layers of the onion (or maybe “union”), it really seems like we’re looking at a great big ponzi-scheme spearheaded by our wonderful government. This outright fraud is going to hurt you eventually, whether you decide to buy gold or not. The world will still go on.

Ron Paul is calling out the dollar bubble, and if his track record is to be believed, we’re in big trouble unless we take action to protect ourselves from financial crisis – and major financial crisis at that! Gold is the only way to do that, and starting a business where gold is your product makes the most sense of all.

This is what the Karatbars opportunity is all about. In the video, Ron Paul proves the fundamentals of the dollar are a complete disaster and shows how despite the mainstream media spin, the facts all point towards the economy being in bad shape with more than half of tax-paying Americans hardly making ends meet.

The collapse of the dollar will be quick when it finally happens. But if you at least get involved with Karatbars gold in some capacity (hint: become an affiliate and make gold your business), perhaps you’ll be able to soften the blow a little bit (maybe a lot – as in maybe even profiting from it?!)

We can’t stress enough the importance of taking some action buying gold right now based on what Ron Paul is saying. The facts are right in front of us. The eventual collapse of the dollar will not be unexpected, but in this case, we’re seeing it coming – shame on you if you sit on the sidelines and get hurt!

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