Ron Paul Questions Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

Banks have been bailed out. Bad assets have been purchased. But nothing has been done to help out middle America to the tune of $5.1 trillion dollars!?! This is YOUR money – where’s the outrage? These government agencies and politicians are lying right to your face, and most people think the government is there to help them out and bail them out of bad times. Really?

Tough Love: you’re on your own. You are responsible for your current financial health. If you’re sitting back on your couch ignoring all the monetary issues that are directly impacting you hoping that “everything will fix itself”, you are sorely mistaken and will end up getting reamed in the end. You need to take some form of action right now.

You MUST have some portion of your assets in gold and precious metals. Gold is money, as explained by Ron Paul himself in the above video. Get started with a gold backed savings account at Karatbars, where you can purchase pure 999.9 bullion gold safely and securely by exchanging your fiat paper money on the worlds first and only private global currency exchange.

Remember, with Karatbars, you’re not really purchasing anything – you’re exchanging for gold, a historical store of value. So while the dollar continues its collapse, the gold you’ll now own continues to provide economic value. If you’re serious about the financial future for yourself and your family, why wouldn’t you do this!? And it’s FREE to set up an account.

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