Quantative Easing and Inflation Explained. Why You Need to Invest in Gold

It succinctly explains in seven minutes why you need to invest in gold. Indeed, the nation will not recover quickly from this financial disaster. A crime gang has taken over America. Its name is the privately owned Federal Reserve. It is neither Federal nor has it any Reserves. The bank notes it issues are as fake as the $100 bills not accepted at many retail outlets nationwide anymore. The Fed is no more Federal than Federal Express.

Moreover, its principal shareholder is robbing us blind. A financial mob now runs America and the media is silent. Wake up people. Pass on this link below to everyone you can think. The first step to making things right is waking up. We can no longer rely on the main stream media. They’re controlled. Our politicians have been bought off. Our judges have been corrupted. Wall Street is rogue crime gang. We are on our own.

Has the Federal Reserve been right about anything? How does the Fed relate to Quantitative Easing? Watch this funny video and then start the process of protecting yourself against financial crisis by investing in gold today.

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