Pyramid Scheme? Ponzi Scheme? Actually, the Federal Reserve is the Biggest Scam (Glenn Beck)

Love him or hate him, Glenn Beck really points out some really strong facts about why the Federal Reserve is perhaps the biggest scam on the planet and why we as taxpayers continue to let this happen and “take it”:

The bottom line however, is that the worst enemy of the Fed is the internet because it makes information so much easier to acquire – many times information these scam artists don’t want us to know. If it weren’t for the internet, people probably wouldn’t know that the Fed is not a federal organization, it has no reserve, and is in fact a private institution – one in which we’re not allowed to see who really owns it, we’re not allowed to audit it, and it happens to be our biggest lender AND the biggest receiver of federal funds.

Can you write bad checks? The Fed can. Can you bail out your failed businesses? The Fed can. Can you print money out of thin air? The Fed can. This is by far an outrage and the biggest scam on the face of the planet! However, I’d like to make a bold prediction: because of the internet and social media, where more and more people are learning the true nature of this beast, the outrage will eventually become so loud that there will be no other option than to “End the Fed”, as Ron Paul suggests.

The problem is this won’t happen overnight. And because of that, you’re still going to need to protect yourself from the financial crisis that’s right around the corner – probably right after the election in fact! The way to begin that course of action is to establish a free account at Karatbars, where you can exchange your depreciating fiat paper into a store of value that has stood the test of time: gold. Yes gold – and Karatbars allows you to run a business doing it! If you haven’t done so yet, create your own gold-backed savings account today and tell the Fed to go… well… you know…

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