Multi-Millionaires Are All Saying to Buy Gold

While clueless people go shopping on “Black Friday” and fall for all this “Cyber Monday” nonsense all over the internet, guess what happened today? The National Debt just hit 18 trillion dollars, and you won’t hear one report of it on any mainstream media outlet!

Way to go, USA! I wonder what the latest news on Bill Cosby is today? And did you hear what Ray Rice’s wife said? OMG – that Kardashian photo is raunchy, isn’t it? We support you Justin Beiber! … it’s a great country we live in as the “news” continues to numb us deeper and deeper into total preoccupation with items that do nothing to advance our own personal lives in any manner.

Multimillionaires know differently. They think differently. But then again, they’re not much different than you or me. They just see trends and ACT on them. It’s really simple when you break it all down. Find out what successful people are doing, and do likewise. Trust me, they don’t care who won American Idol. They do care about the future of our monetary system though.

Today was good news for Karatbar owners and those who are building a business around gold accumulation. Gold in general had one of it’s best days in many years, as gold prices, silver, and gold miners all soared, based on a variety of reasons besides that magic $18 trillion number.

1) Gold may become a useful tool to address the critical crisis of sovereign debt that has been gripping the world financial markets and is putting at risk economic growth for years to come. All data indicates that the consequences of any use of gold as a collateral to sovereign bonds would arguably be very positive. (And that’s good for Karatbars)

2) In case you haven’t heard, Japan and other nations are developing their own economic disaster and are moving to gold. Most global banks have a zero or negative interest policy whereby foreign countries have flocked to the US dollar in record numbers. Now they’re panicking too – which again is good if your business is Karatbars. When the US dollar collapses and other currencies crash land, gold will be the new safe haven (again). It’s not just us Karatbars affiliates that see the value in gold, but entire nations do as well!

3) And just wait for QE Infinity to be announced soon! It’s in place to supposedly save dying economies around the world. Will it? Anybody remember their high school math classes? It’s impossible! This actually may be the proverbial hole that bursts the dam. Lucky for those who have embraced the Karatbars opportunity, we’ll have already prepared our hedge against financial crisis and disaster.

My smartest millionaire friends are all saying “Buy Gold”, “Buy Gold”, “Buy Gold”. The other people I know are forwarding Michele Obama jokes and taking online Facebook quizzes. You don’t have to be a genius to deduce that this is the start of a long-term bull market in gold. Care to hop on board with Karatbars?

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This Thanksgiving, Be Thankful for Gold Karatbars


According to the National Debt Clock, that’s our country’s debt at the time of this writing. You think YOU’RE in trouble?! All of a sudden your personal financial situation doesn’t look so bad when you put it all in perspective! But in all seriousness, the good news is at least YOU have a fighting chance to get out of your own financial abyss – the government by basic math does not.

That’s a big problem because you’ll need to protect yourself from financial crisis at some point in the near future. Just like playing Jenga, the dollar will most certainly collapse at some point. However, let’s be happy. Fate is smiling upon you and you probably don’t even know it.

This is the time of the year to be thankful because your fighting chance is Karatbars. Just to be on the safe side, I urge you to enroll in Karatbars today, then do your own due diligence and see for yourself whether or not it’s worth pursuing. Someone I trusted told me that a while ago, and I’m very thankful for the advice.

If you’re anything like me, you may have trust issues. For me, the big problem with people pitching you network marketing or MLM business opportunities is that you never know for sure if what they’re telling you is the truth. Do they REALLY feel better because they’re taking this overpriced vitamin supplement or do they just THINK they are (or worse, just telling you what they think you want to hear).

Karatbars is totally different in every sense of the word. First of all, it’s not a network marketing or MLM company at all. Secondly, it’s based on values and numbers that are easily verified when people have enough interest to seek out the facts with their  own research. I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful to be involved in something that people say to me “wow, this looks really great!” I’m thankful for the gold as well.

Trends and fads come and go. Search your email inbox for messages you received from your network marketing and MLM contacts from just 2 years ago – I’ll bet a high percentage aren’t doing and selling what they were doing back then. And that’s just 2 years! Gold has been a store of value for centuries – and that’s certainly not going to change. I’m really thankful for that! The last thing this world needs is more surprises.

Gold is for real. The best fielders in baseball get the “Gold Glove” Award. When you’re the best in the Olympics, you win “The Gold”. When you’ve achieved the highest level in something, you’ve reached the “Gold Standard”. What’s at the end of the rainbow? A pot of gold!  When your marriage stands the test of time, your 50th anniversary is your “Golden” one. Is it a coincidence that one of the most successful hamburger businesses of all time is referred to as the “Golden Arches”? The wealthiest and most powerful man in Storybrooke on Once Upon a Time is Rumplestiltskin, also known as Mr. Gold. And of course, any really successful business venture is always described as a “Gold Mine”.  There has to be a reason for these allegories!!!

There is. It’s gold. Be thankful. Just being aware about Karatbars puts you ahead of the curve, regardless of your situation in life. Listen, learn, work it, be persistent, and don’t give up and you’ll hopefully reap benefits all the while knowing you’re working in a market that will NEVER go away!

The other day, I was visiting a friend of mine who complained that too much inventory was building up in his garage and needed to “get rid of product quickly”. I’m thankful I’m not in that business! In fact, as a Karatbar Gold affiliate, I wouldn’t mind if my product accumulated in my garage for as long as it wanted to! See the difference? When you buy Karatbars (or work it into a real business), your product basically is actual wealth – I’ll take as much as I can earn, especially with the ability to essentially accumulate gold for free! (see the 12-week success plan).

Are you kidding me, of course I’m thankful for this business. And I’m thankful for all of you who like our fanpage and subscribe to our gold blog articles. I’m thankful for all the affiliates we work with to bring an opportunity like gold accumulation in small denominations out to the forefront.

And I’m VERY thankful my mind was open-minded enough to listen when my friend initially presented this “crazy idea” of building a business around gold.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!!

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Harald Seiz is the Founder of Karatbars, International – Gold Buying in Small Increments

I just watched this entire 2 and a half minute video below featuring Karatbars Gold founder Harald Seiz and didn’t understand one word of it! (It’s in German). But you do get the sense that Mr. Seiz knows what he is doing and the take-away is that you need to get moving with the Karatbars opportunity right now. That goes without saying!

Enroll in Karatbars for free today! Gold is the play to protect you against depreciating fiat paper money. We don’t want to be the ones to say “told you so!”

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Facts on Karatbars Gold for Home Based Business Affiliate Marketers

Is the Karatbars Gold program a scam? Is it a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme? When most people talk about home-based business opportunities, the conditioned response is generally just that: It’s a scam. It’s a pyramid scheme. That response is generally from people who are afraid to take any chances and are happy to work for others. Entrepreneurs think differently. When presented with opportunity, they at least take a look at it when the opportunity is coming from someone they like and trust. That’s probably you. But in order to pitch the Karatbars gold opportunity correctly, you have to know the FACTS and why Karatbars does NOT fall into the scam, ponzi, or pyramid scheme categories. The video below explains it all:

A ship in a harbor is safe. But that’s not why ships are made. To register for a FREE Karatbars account, purchase Karatbars, or to purchase and affiliate package that can earn you great residual income, visit the official Karatbars website here.

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Gold at $7,000? BRICS Nations Rising To Be World’s Wealthiest

The biggest emerging markets are uniting to tackle under-development and currency volatility with plans to set up institutions that encroach on the roles of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. The leaders of the so-called BRICS nations — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – are set to approve the establishment of a new development bank during an annual summit that began today. The following video is bad news for the US dollar and probably good news for gold (and another reason for you to start working your Karatbars gold account right now!):

Some are making the case of gold going to $7,000 and predicting that although the U.S. Dollar is the reserve currency of the world today, gold is the key to the new millennium of global trade balances. Are you ready?

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Gold Is The Only Stable Market Left

Watch Alex Jones talk with Max Keiser about what the world economy will do next and what the elite will do to hold onto their money. If you look at the global picture, the bond market is collapsing, the stock market continues to plunge, and we’re seeing tremendous pressure on fiat systems to keep printing the money to hold off total devastation, which ironically will cause it. Keiser’s predictions have been stunningly accurate – and he says gold is the only stable market left.

Can you believe there are still people out there that don’t see the value in owning gold? If you took a hammer and smashed it onto your head, would you feel it? The world global economy is your hammer! It’s telling you to do something to protect yourself and it’s obvious that means accumulating gold. Now! Today! If you don’t do this, you’re going to feel the pain of the hammer.

Karatbars Gold is your best way of buying gold in small denominations and accumulating free gold when others do likewise if you treat it like a business. With Karatbars, you are simply exchanging your depreciating fiat paper currency for real 999.9 gold bullion. If you’re not getting started right now with a free account, I have to ask: What else has to hit you in the face?

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Everybody’s Incompetent – Except You

All the news about the Ebola virus once again shows that once a crisis happens, those in charge are proven over and over again to be incompetent in their jobs. The first time the Center for Disease Control is faced with a significant challenge, we find out the center for disease control can’t control disease – and that’s straight from the mouth of the CDC director Tom Frieden. Watch Megyn Kelly pick apart his doublespeak in the video below:

How’s the Iraqi war going? Incompetence. Who’s charged with controlling ISIS? Incompetence. How’s the nation’s healthcare system? Incompetence. Who’s in charge of border control? Incompetence. Why are there so many crazy legal decisions coming from our courts? Incompetence. Who’s running the IRS? Incompetence. Who hires for the Secret Service to protect the President? Incompetence. Why does airport TSA search old ladies and allow psychopaths to pass through? Incompetence.

There’s probably someone right now in government in charge of “Intergalactic Alien Relations” – and when and if we ever get visited by such, we’re going to find out that person is incompetent too. Just like whoever is currently employed as the “Director of Time Travel”, they’re incompetent as well and we’ll find that out as soon as time travel becomes possible.

But all kidding aside, the whole point of this post is this: if you know everyone in charge of any form of government are incompetent, how can you possibly take them seriously about what’s happening with YOUR finances!?!?

You’re not incompetent about you!

If you just sit back and blindly believe the government is on your side and will protect you when (not if) things get really bad and the dollar collapses and you can’t find food to feed your family, you are simply kidding yourself.

Even if the government had your best interests in mind, incompetence will get in the way and it won’t even matter. YOU have to get control of your own finances, monetary situation, and future.

Perhaps this is too drastic an outlook? Well, consider that less than a month ago, no one was even talking about Ebola and now we can expect 10,000 infected EVERY WEEK! When the dollar collapses, you will see disaster on an even much quicker scale. Your action plan then is this:

  1. Open a free Karatbars Gold account where you can accumulate gold in small quantities at your own pace with absolutely no restrictions or monthly purchase requirements. Do this NOW
  2. Make a commitment to yourself that you’ll sign up as a Karatbar affiliate and turn this opportunity into a small home based business. A gold business will not fail during a financial crisis!
  3. Follow the 12-Step program where you can not only continue to acquire gold, but set in motion a system where you can acquire future purchases for free.
  4. Share your story with other people (when they ask you what you do – your secure demeanor in the face of crisis will speak for itself).

The Federal Reserve is not federal and it’s not a reserve. Our “growing” economy is being fueled by more debt and the continuous printing of worthless paper that mathematically MUST end in disaster. All the crap you read about everything being great and “spend spend spend” is being generated by people who are completely incompetent in what they are doing (here is more proof). Sadly, we won’t find that out for sure until the dollar becomes completely worthless – and when we’re all broke, what will we all do then, ask for those people’s in charge resignation?

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Karatbars Branding Cards Program Income Opportunity Explained

Not only is Karatbars Gold a great way to accumulate gold in small denominations, but they also have a very interesting branding and income producing opportunity centered around a very unique and simple concept that many times goes unnoticed – the ability to provide BRANDED gold cards to various companies and organizations that help everyone achieve additional streams of income! What this video as a short introduction:

As everyone in business knows, the brand is everything! But how do you keep your brand constantly in front of people without going through the traditional (and boring) means of business cards, refrigerator magnets, postcards, pens, and all the other worthless trinkets that scream out “I’m not original!”?

Here’s the key: no one throws away gold. No one! Even people who still don’t buy into the concept of gold won’t throw a custom branded gold card away. If Karatbar Gold Branding Cards are good enough for the Vatican, they’re good enough for you, right?

Download the official Karatbars Gold Branding Brochure here

Ever try to pitch a “business opportunity” to a family member, friend, or business acquaintance? Are they still your family member, friend, or business acquaintance afterwards when they look at you incredulously with that “NO” face and seem to be saying “what are you doing!?” with their body language?

Guess what? Branding Cards may be the solution for you to really get going with your Karatbars Business because not only does it allow the accumulation of real gold, but it also provides the business with something all business’ definitely need: exposure! Here’s how the conversation may differ:


  • You (… or me): Would you like to enroll into the Karatbars Gold business, accumulate gold in small quantities, and perhaps make a business of it to create generational income?
  • Friend/Family Member/Person at Starbucks: No, stop wasting your time and get a job!


  • You (… or me): Would you like to promote your company better with a branded business-card sized piece of gold that no one will ever throw away?
  • Business Person: That sounds interesting…  tell me more.

Now of course it’s never that cut and dry, but you get the point. Watch this video as well for more info. Also, download this training guide on Karatbars Gold and it’ll really open your eyes to the opportunity. By the way, there are NO MINIMUMS on Karatbars Gold Branding Cards so….

Start talking to businesses about what their REAL concerns are and you’ll find out that the Karatbars Gold Branding Cards are a real solution – and you may even grow a lucrative gold business for yourself in the process.  If you haven’t done so already, get started right now with a free account!!!


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Fraud and Scam Find Karatbars Gold to Be Legit Home Based Gold Business

In our experiences, we have found that many people are hesitant to get involved with the Karatbars Gold opportunity because they still consider it “MLM” and/or “network marketing”. And their skepticism is understandable because most network marketing business opportunities and MLM deals are, for the most part, BS – we get that. Remember the litmus test: if there’s an autoship involved, RUN!

However, because the uniqueness of the Karatbar Gold business, it’s nice to know it also holds up to independent scrutiny. Take for example, a quick blurb posted on “” which announces that – and I quote – “Karatbars Overcomes Speculation“. They mention three points in the post:

  1. The Gold content, by total random pick of a KaratBar unit, was registered at 100% pure. This was done by the digital read out that was personally reviewed. The content appeared to be void of any impurities. The man from the refinery used, said it was the purest Gold he had reviewed to date.
  2. People have reported receiving what they ordered and getting it in a timely manner.
  3. Those involved in the project and program report they are getting paid on time and what was promised.

So there you have it. Gold prices are rising with the retreat of the US dollar. If you’re already a Karatbar Gold affiliate, rest secured in the knowledge that you’re in the right business at the right time and hopefully with the right people (liking our Karatbar fanpage on Facebook will help with that).  If you’re not, it’s time you joined us by starting out with a free account at the official Karatbars website here.

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Don’t Spend Your Retirement Money All in One Place

What’s REALLY in your retirement account? Do you even know? How much will be there when you’re ready to use it? You may be surprised about the answers to these questions. Watch this video playlist below and then start thinking about creating a free account at Karatbars to start buying gold (and making a lucrative business at it as well!)

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