Stats Say Central Banks Scaling Back on the Dollar and Buying Gold

When it comes to buying gold, so many people say, “Show me the numbers on why I should be buying gold”. Well, here’s an interesting study.

The World Gold Council just published a report stating that gold demand dropped modestly in the first quarter of 2015, but maintained that the market for gold remains well supported. That’s because the ETF demand for gold in the USA rose to positive levels for the first time since the fourth quarter of 2012.

From a macro standpoint, ETF buying and investment buying are the most important factors in the price of gold at the moment. As people start to open their eyes and see the truth in what’s really happening in our economy, more and more will see the necessity of having a portion of their funds devoted to buying gold and gold prices will surely continue to rise. Speaking of eye-openers, here’s an interesting take on gold from Kitco News:

Central banks continue their consistent buying of gold. They’ve done so for 17 consecutive quarters! Many of these central banks are scaling back on their reserve currencies with the US dollar being the main target of that which means the major, big time players are using gold as a way to diversify their portfolio. The people who run these banks are not dummies – they know what’s coming around the corner. This should be your wakeup call to do likewise in some manner.

That manner is the Karatbars opportunity, which allows you to accumulate and buy gold in small denominations at your own pace, as well as making it a business for yourself if you’d like as others do likewise.

Chinese, Russian, and Indian investors all have huge appetites for gold, which (unlike fiat paper money) has a centuries long history as a traditional store of value. The takeaway from this is that gold demand has stayed strong despite a collapse in oil prices. That resiliency in demand is a pretty good sign that gold is in strong hands. If you like gold and you’re looking for a level to accumulate it, now’s your time to get into Karatbars and register for your free account today!

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Ron Paul Says The US Dollar is in a Huge Bubble. Are Gold Karatbars the Answer?

According to Ron Paul, this is the next financial crisis:

Is he right? Regardless how you feel about him politically, I think you have to admit that Ron Paul’s a pretty smart guy. Plus, he doesn’t seem to be phased by the mainstream media and is not afraid to speak the plain truth – whether you want to hear it or not.

No one really wants to believe that the US dollar will really actually collapse. What a disaster that would be! That’s why people sweep the thought under the rug. After all, with all the pressures in our daily lives, why worry about more things, right?

Well, WRONG! Unsophisticated investors look at the rising stock market and falling unemployment rate and feel like predicting the collapse of the U.S. dollar is Armageddon-type fear mongering. But when you peel back the layers of the onion (or maybe “union”), it really seems like we’re looking at a great big ponzi-scheme spearheaded by our wonderful government. This outright fraud is going to hurt you eventually, whether you decide to buy gold or not. The world will still go on.

Ron Paul is calling out the dollar bubble, and if his track record is to be believed, we’re in big trouble unless we take action to protect ourselves from financial crisis – and major financial crisis at that! Gold is the only way to do that, and starting a business where gold is your product makes the most sense of all.

This is what the Karatbars opportunity is all about. In the video, Ron Paul proves the fundamentals of the dollar are a complete disaster and shows how despite the mainstream media spin, the facts all point towards the economy being in bad shape with more than half of tax-paying Americans hardly making ends meet.

The collapse of the dollar will be quick when it finally happens. But if you at least get involved with Karatbars gold in some capacity (hint: become an affiliate and make gold your business), perhaps you’ll be able to soften the blow a little bit (maybe a lot – as in maybe even profiting from it?!)

We can’t stress enough the importance of taking some action buying gold right now based on what Ron Paul is saying. The facts are right in front of us. The eventual collapse of the dollar will not be unexpected, but in this case, we’re seeing it coming – shame on you if you sit on the sidelines and get hurt!

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Understand The Difference Between Currency and Money

It’s imperative these days that you learn the secrets of money, specifically the difference between currency and money. Your true wealth is your time and freedom, money is just a tool to trade your time. The whole world has been fooled by the difference between currency and money and as a result, you’re being slowly deprived of both time and your freedom – and you probably don’t even realize it. If you did, you’d surely be buying gold already, right? Watch this video for a detailed explanation:

Currency is a medium of exchange, while money is a store of value over a long period of time. We are entering into a period of financial crisis that is the greatest the world has ever known! You’re looking at the greatest wealth transfer in history – but remember on the opposite side of every crisis lies opportunity, and that is what the Karatbars Gold program is all about.

Karatbars allows you to accumulate gold in small denominations and earn while others do likewise. If you haven’t gotten started yet, do yourself and your family a favor and get going today as a Karatbars gold affiliate!

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Karatbar Gold Helps You Prepare for the Collapse of the US Dollar

You just can’t trust the news media. They’ve actually convinced the majority of Americans that this economy is stable and there’s peace in the world. Readers of this blog know that in reality, it’s just a matter of time before China and other powerhouse countries start deploying their dollar reserves, and at that point, the dollar will collapse like a house of cards. Do you own gold yet?

Tough love, folks. You need to understand the implications of such an action which will have serious financial consequences to both you and me for literally decades. You must understand that you need to prepare yourself for when this happens, because when the dollar collapses, most Americans will be in complete shock because they blindly failed to take any steps to avoid financial disaster.

Yes – food, energy and other essential resources will become unattainable for many almost overnight. And that’s not a good recipe for a strong and stable society. I get it…  you don’t want to believe that the US dollar collapse is right around the corner. But don’t think for a second that the government is here to help bail you out. They don’t bail out individuals. They’re proud of the snow-job that they’re doing to the American public.

In fact, the Russians are going through their own currency collapse right now, which many believe to be the result of outright global banking fraud and manipulation. The only difference between what’s happening in Russia now and what’s going to happen in the USA soon is that Russians have been used to dealing with poverty and social issues – we have not, which is why most Americans are completely unprepared for what many see as a certainty in the not-so-far-off future.

What would the average American do if their cost of living tripled overnight? You’d probably see riots and pandemonium break out as people scramble to accumulate resources before they ran out. All you have to do is look at the impact the snowstorms and power outages had in the Northeast to see how even the most rosy-color thinking optimist panics in the face of disaster.

We need to take action now so we are prepared and not wiped out when (not if) the collapse of the dollar actually happens. We cannot stress enough the importance of registering for a free Karatbars account and start accumulating gold in small denominations.

Karatbars gold is essentially an asset class in itself – there’s nothing else out there like it! As such, its valuation is a bit different than if you were to buy bars of gold in the traditional manner. Karatbars eliminates practically all the hassles of gold ownership (especially where to store it), and also provides the opportunity of a lifetime to turn gold into your very own business. You’d be crazy not to get started with this gold buying program, even if you think we’re over-reacting to everything mentioned in this article. Doesn’t it pay to be on the safe side, just in case?

The winds are shifting. Are you prepared for the real storm? You will be if you get moving with Karatbars right now!

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Change Your Life in 1 Hour with Knowledge of the Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind

Most people can feel deep down that something isn’t quite right with the world economy, but few know what it is. Gone are the days where a family can survive on just one paycheck and every day it seems that things are more and more out of control – yet only one in a million understand why.

Do you have less than an hour to literally change your life? If so, grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and watch Mike Maloney explain to you what the biggest scam in the history of mankind is. Worst part is it effects you and me every single day of our lives. Watching this video will allow you to discover the system that is ultimately responsible for most of the inequality in our world today. The powers that be DO NOT want you to know about this, as this system is what has kept them at the top of the financial food-chain for the last 100 years. Never in human history have so many been plundered by so few, and it’s all accomplished through this pyramid ponzi scam:

Okay, now that you understand the system, what can you do to protect yourself? The obvious answer is gold and Karatbars, which is your vehicle to buying gold in small denominations and basically setting up your own gold-based savings account (and even make it a lucrative business as you earn while others do likewise). Do you need a push to get going? If so, watch this:

Ready? Set? GO! Don’t rely on others - get moving with your own Karatbars Gold account by registering here. When you complete the registration, let us know, and we’ll be in touch on how to make the program work for you with the 12 Step Success system.

You’ve had your coffee/tea (10 minutes). You’ve watched the first video (30 minutes). You watched the inspirational video (11 minutes). You’ve registered for a new Karatbars Gold account (7 minutes) and contacted us to let us know you’re part of the team (2 minutes). You may not know it yet, but if you did the above, your life has now changed. Write today’s date down and look back on it in a year’s time – it’s going to be a great 2015!

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How to Build a Tremendous Weekly Residual with Karatbars Gold

The mathematical formula set forth in this video is not based on the economy, the stock market, or the price of gold. It’s simply math combined with your efforts. It’s about putting a system in place that anyone can follow or duplicate. All you have to do is move some of your paper money into gold money every month at your own pace. It’s a unique way of getting paid to save money rather than to spend it. We call it the 12-Week Success Plan.

That’s a nice way to get paid, don’t you think? Click on the link below to get started with a free Karatbars gold account. Follow the steps outlined in the video and learn to protect yourself from financial crisis with 24K 999.9 pure gold bullion with Karatbars! Opportunity is knocking – are you going to open the door?

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What You DIDN’T Hear in Obama’s SOTU Address Involving Karatbars Gold

In last night’s State of the Union message, President Obama told us Americans that the rich should be taxed more to help the middle class. In order to do this, Obama will have to raise inheritance and capital gains taxes. But in a free market, this is where investment money comes from. Less investment money means less business startups, and despite what the media wants you to think, the ONLY way out of financial disaster is jobs creation so people earn money to spend.

Businesses create these jobs, not government. But for those of us Karatbar gold owners, who are simply accumulating gold or those Karatbar affiliates building a gold business, the impact is even greater.

This plan will systematically destroy the basic life-blood of what makes a free market move forward and will result in additional pressure for the Fed to create capital out of thin air, which they’re been doing over and over again. How’s that working out? The ONLY realistic impact of this move will be the further reducing of the value of the US dollar (and maybe trigger its inevitable collapse). Got 22 minutes? Watch this:

As Financial analyst Michael Pento says, “Gold is going up in all currencies because investors are coming to this realization, or epiphany, that you cannot trust central banks. In 2008, we had the Great Recession. We had the bursting of asset bubbles. We had the bursting of the housing bubble. We had the bursting of the stock bubble. The Federal Reserve came in, and it was not only the Fed, we had central banks from across the world increase debt by 40%. 40% since 2008 on a global basis, and they took interest rates, which were already low, down to 0% and negative % and left them there for going on almost seven years. People had the audacity to believe that this was going to be a success story. They are slowly learning we have solved nothing. We have just made all the problems associated with the great recession much, much worse. As that realization unfolds, people will be flocking back into hard money, and that means gold.”

Now you know why the price of gold has been rising. Gold has been a safe haven and storage of value since the beginning of recorded time. Why would anyone think differently today? Especially since there’s a global issue with fiat paper money that will surely come to a head soon, with drastic implications for those who have ignored gold’s safety status.

That’s why it’s important for you to look into Karatbars and start exchanging some of your fiat paper money into 999.9 real gold. Karatbar gold comes in small denominations, which will make spending it a lot easier should the unspeakable happen and we are all thrust into complete economic turmoil. Trust me, no one wants that, but it can’t hurt to be on the safe side – so register for a free account today, even if you just get going with a small purchase.

If Obama gets his way and his tax plan is implemented, it’s almost a surety that our economic problems will become much worse. And remember, YOU voted for these idiots in Washington DC who have no economic knowledge whatsoever. And also remember they probably don’t even care what happens, since they “play” with a magically endless supply of other people’s money – unlike you, who have to work for it. At least with the Karatbars Gold opportunity, you’re taking control of YOUR future instead!

The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.

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New Years Resolutions to Make 2015 a Great Year with Goals and Action

May your troubles last as long as your New Years resolutions! Everyone makes them – and come January 2nd, most of them are already broken. Each year, we place unrealistic “resolutions” upon ourselves and when we break them, we settle back into the very same rut that makes us wonder why things aren’t always going according to plan.

Check your text messages and social media accounts. You’ll probably see plenty of “Happy New Years! Make 2015 Great”, “2015 will be an awesome year!”, “2015 will be the best year yet!”, etc. The only problem is that you probably received the exact same sentiments last year – and for many from a business perspective, it wasn’t. Why is that? It’s probably because most people don’t take the time out to do the most simplest of things: set goals and write them down.

It’s been said that people who write down their goals on a daily basis are 42% more likely to achieve them than those who didn’t – and if you tell someone about what you’re doing, that number shoots up to 78%. But writing down goals isn’t enough. They have to be clear, precise, and laser-focused otherwise they tend to be just meaningless prayers. X-Rays work great because they are pinpoint precise to the target. Telling someone to “make 2015 great” means nothing unless you can develop a consistent plan to actually make this year great.

If you’ve embraced the Karatbars gold opportunity like you should have, think about exactly HOW you’re going to make 2015 great. How are you going to market yourself? (Facebook? Twitter? YouTube?) How are you going to grow your business? (Networking events? Cold Calling? Advertising?). Did you have a bad 2014? – Ask yourself why isn’t it working already and be honest with yourself. What are you going to do in 2015 to make yourself unique and stand out in this business, or in any other business? What are you going to do that NO ONE else is currently doing? What “out of the box” marketing ideas can you come up with to succeed in ways others haven’t even thought of yet? Please re-read this paragraph over and over.

Ask yourself those questions – and don’t answer them with “I don’t know”. You probably DO KNOW if you devote some quiet time to yourself and brainstorm ideas out while WRITING IT ALL DOWN! In fact, do it NOW.

DREAM BIG! Stop reading this article and lock yourself up in a room until you come up with a unique plan to make 2015 great with Karatbars (or whatever other business you’re in and would like to succeed in).

Remember: be laser-focused, as in on Monday when I wake up, I’m doing this. At 10:00am, I’ll be doing this. At 11:00am, this. etc, etc, etc. Then do the same thing for Tuesday, then Wednesday, then Thursday, etc. Do not scroll down with this article until this is complete – and you have the whole weekend to get it done before work “officially” begins on Monday, January 5th, 2015.

Sadly, I bet many of you just scrolled down. But assuming you didn’t and you have your clear plan (or just something, anything, written down), the next step is equally important: you must take ACTION on your plan. For many, this is the hard part because there are so many mental obstacles that come into play. “I’m not good in sales”, “I hate talking to people”, “I can’t do this”, “what will my friends and family think of me”. You need to let go of these lies you tell yourself. Often these thoughts lead to anger, which leads to avoidance, which leads to procrastination, which leads to non-action, which leads to failure despite your prayer of “making 2015 great”. This is probably the reason your well-wishes of previous years didn’t transform into the success you were hoping for.

All I can tell you is that you don’t have to be great to start a successful Karatbars business, but you DO have to start something to be great. Let go of these bad business practices of the past and all your self-criticism and take the action needed to implement your daily written plans. If what you were doing previously wasn’t working, change it! People make mistakes all the time. Investors will tell you that at least 9 out of 10 of their acquisitions fail, but the one that works makes up for the losses many times over. It’s the same with your ideas to make 2015 great – all you need is one to work out and you’ll be GOLDen.

But it won’t happen with you sitting on the couch being lazy and feeling sorry for yourself for previous failures. 2015 is brand new. All those bad relationships in your life are in the past (or make it that way). Ignore all those people who laugh at you for starting your own business and not getting a “real job”. Did you see “The Interview” yet? “They hate us cuz they ain’t us!”

Take action and go with your gut on things. There is no “right time” – The time is now! If not now, when? No excuses! You don’t need perfection in anything to get going. (If perfection were the case, Microsoft would have never gotten off the ground!) Be honest and write down what your strengths are (we all have some) as well as your weaknesses, then figure out a way to concentrate on what makes you great and partner with others for the rest. Not a good salesperson?… (you’re probably better than you think), but if that’s a truth in your mind, find someone who is and partner with them. That’s how some of the most successful businesses in the world get started.

Most of all, stop thinking “I can’t”. With a written goals list and taking consistent, clear, precise, and laser-focused action, you most certainly can. 2015 is waiting for you to make it a great year, whether it be with Karatbars or anything else! WRITTEN GOALS AND ACTION – THAT’s what’s going to set this year apart from the rest, right?!?

Join our Karatbars Gold team here and begin your first step in making 2015 great!

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Greg Hunter Talks The Fed and Economy – A Calamity in the Making?

What I really like about Greg Hunter is he tells it like it is – and my takeaway from his latest rant is that you need to have some form of your assets in gold. Karatbars gold allows you to exchange your depreciating fiat paper currency for real gold and create a lucrative business for yourself when others do likewise. And you’re going to want to do that after hearing some of the points he’s making which all point to a possible calamity in the making. At least with gold, you’ll be protected if his take is on target (which I really believe it is).

The Federal Reserve just came out and said that it was going to be “patient” when normalizing the monetary policy. Wall Street is jubilant and the stock market spiked on the news, but if you do the analysis and number crunching, this is really ominous and it is nothing to be celebrated. Don’t expect the Fed to raise interest rates anytime soon because the economy is much worse than what they are telling you. Why else would Federal Reserve head Janet Yellen come out and say the Fed was going to keep the easy money policies for a “considerable time”?

On another note, falling oil prices may be a joy at the pump here in the USA, but for Russia, it is a nightmare. There is talk of China bailing out Russia. There are rumors of bank runs in Russia despite a new 17% interest rate. Russia’s currency, the ruble, has had its buying power cut in half in a matter of months. It is crystal clear the U.S. and Russia are at economic war, and Vladimir Putin gave a speech this week to essentially say the Russian Bear is not going to roll over.

It’s gold time, baby. And that means it’s Karatbars time as well.

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Out of the Box Christmas Holiday Gold Gift Ideas

It’s always tough to buy presents for people during the holidays. You never know what to get them, especially for family members. And what about those family members and friends who have everything already? They are the hardest to buy for. But you have to get them something, right? Well, how about getting them something they probably have never seen before, but may be beneficial for their everyday lives, businesses, and financial health? Yes, I’m talking about Karatbars.

I don’t know about you, but if someone gave me gold as a gift, I’d sure appreciate it! And my guess is if someone got Karatbar gold from you, it would be a gift they certainly wouldn’t be expecting! The best part about giving Karatbars as Christmas gifts is you’re actually giving someone something of real value – something that’s really worth something and something they won’t throw away.

In fact, if you get really lucky, they’ll like your gift so much, they’ll ask you that magical question: “How did you get this and how can I get involved?” Now you’re really helping someone on a number of levels: giving them a present, a THOUGHTFUL present at that, and maybe helping them start their own gold business where they may become financially independent as they protect themselves against financial crisis.

Does anyone you know have a business or need to promote themselves or a cause? Then you can take Karatbars gift giving a step further with Karatbar Gold Branding cards. Clearly, Karatbars gold makes for a truly unique Christmas gift that will get people talking and thinking about  you constantly. And you can do it all online as a Karatbar affiliate!

I never had an easier time Christmas shopping than this year because for me, it was clear what everyone was getting. If you’re stuck in bumper to bumper traffic going Christmas shopping, waiting on long lines at the store checkout, and dodging cranky people at the mall, you only have yourself to blame. Karatbars are your answer for out of the box Christmas holiday gold presents!

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