Not All Business are the Same – Karatbar Gold Opportunity is Real Gold in Small Denominations

Unless you’re a reader of this blog, you’ve probably never heard of Karatbars. And if you never heard of Karatbars, you probably don’t know what they are. And if you don’t know what they are, you are missing out on one of the best “home based business” opportunities out there today.

Wait, hold on a minute! Did you say “home based business”, as in “network marketing”!? (you’re probably thinking that right now). Everyone knows network marketing and MLM are mostly scams and don’t work, right?

Well, not necessarily. In most cases, what makes network marketers and MLMers failures is what we like to call the “A” word: “autoship”. You’re constantly forced into buying overpriced inventory that no one wants or needs (and many times brainwashed into thinking the product actually “works”). Eventually your downline and customers have had enough and drop out or quit. That’s why Autoship insures futility and frustration – yet is a constant in just about every “home based” network marinating plan you’ll find. Except one…

The Karatbar gold program has no autoship, but it gets even better than that because the “product” is real gold – as in MONEY… Money that has held its value for centuries and counting! You are essentially exchanging your depreciating fiat paper currency for real gold bullion.

Accounts are free to set up and your success lies in how much gold you want to exchange as well as how many others you get to do likewise. You’re not stockpiling hand cream, or vitamin supplements, or whatever.

Because the gold is provided in small increments, they are extremely transaction friendly and have been already proven to be safe, secure, and trusted worldwide. Remember: gold is money! And acquiring gold as a hedge against inflation or financial crisis can only make sense. With Karatbars, you can acquire as little or as much as you desire to fit your own personal budget and don’t have to worry about “autoship” nonsense or any of the other issues that plaque the common “small business owner” who can never seem to reach the heights that are promised them when they “enroll”.

Many people who’ll try to recruit you into their network marketing business always throw out the same trite garbage: the timing’s right… it’s the right product… we’ve got the best people… Blah, blah, blah.

How many can say their product is actually money!? You’re selling money and not asking anyone to “buy” anything! You are merely exchanging money into a store of value. Regardless of your views on gold speculation, this is a winner that has already stood the test of time.

Let’s quickly recap:

Everyone knows they need some portion of their portfolio in gold. Everyone says you need to be in your own business to eventually live the life of your dreams. A network marketing system with an autoship is a loser. Karatbars provides you with an opportunity to start your own business for FREE acquiring real 999.9 gold bullion in small increments and earning money while others do likewise without an autoship requirement.

Seriously! Can it be simpler than that? Get registered with your free account right now here >>>

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