New Years Resolutions to Make 2015 a Great Year with Goals and Action

May your troubles last as long as your New Years resolutions! Everyone makes them – and come January 2nd, most of them are already broken. Each year, we place unrealistic “resolutions” upon ourselves and when we break them, we settle back into the very same rut that makes us wonder why things aren’t always going according to plan.

Check your text messages and social media accounts. You’ll probably see plenty of “Happy New Years! Make 2015 Great”, “2015 will be an awesome year!”, “2015 will be the best year yet!”, etc. The only problem is that you probably received the exact same sentiments last year – and for many from a business perspective, it wasn’t. Why is that? It’s probably because most people don’t take the time out to do the most simplest of things: set goals and write them down.

It’s been said that people who write down their goals on a daily basis are 42% more likely to achieve them than those who didn’t – and if you tell someone about what you’re doing, that number shoots up to 78%. But writing down goals isn’t enough. They have to be clear, precise, and laser-focused otherwise they tend to be just meaningless prayers. X-Rays work great because they are pinpoint precise to the target. Telling someone to “make 2015 great” means nothing unless you can develop a consistent plan to actually make this year great.

If you’ve embraced the Karatbars gold opportunity like you should have, think about exactly HOW you’re going to make 2015 great. How are you going to market yourself? (Facebook? Twitter? YouTube?) How are you going to grow your business? (Networking events? Cold Calling? Advertising?). Did you have a bad 2014? – Ask yourself why isn’t it working already and be honest with yourself. What are you going to do in 2015 to make yourself unique and stand out in this business, or in any other business? What are you going to do that NO ONE else is currently doing? What “out of the box” marketing ideas can you come up with to succeed in ways others haven’t even thought of yet? Please re-read this paragraph over and over.

Ask yourself those questions – and don’t answer them with “I don’t know”. You probably DO KNOW if you devote some quiet time to yourself and brainstorm ideas out while WRITING IT ALL DOWN! In fact, do it NOW.

DREAM BIG! Stop reading this article and lock yourself up in a room until you come up with a unique plan to make 2015 great with Karatbars (or whatever other business you’re in and would like to succeed in).

Remember: be laser-focused, as in on Monday when I wake up, I’m doing this. At 10:00am, I’ll be doing this. At 11:00am, this. etc, etc, etc. Then do the same thing for Tuesday, then Wednesday, then Thursday, etc. Do not scroll down with this article until this is complete – and you have the whole weekend to get it done before work “officially” begins on Monday, January 5th, 2015.

Sadly, I bet many of you just scrolled down. But assuming you didn’t and you have your clear plan (or just something, anything, written down), the next step is equally important: you must take ACTION on your plan. For many, this is the hard part because there are so many mental obstacles that come into play. “I’m not good in sales”, “I hate talking to people”, “I can’t do this”, “what will my friends and family think of me”. You need to let go of these lies you tell yourself. Often these thoughts lead to anger, which leads to avoidance, which leads to procrastination, which leads to non-action, which leads to failure despite your prayer of “making 2015 great”. This is probably the reason your well-wishes of previous years didn’t transform into the success you were hoping for.

All I can tell you is that you don’t have to be great to start a successful Karatbars business, but you DO have to start something to be great. Let go of these bad business practices of the past and all your self-criticism and take the action needed to implement your daily written plans. If what you were doing previously wasn’t working, change it! People make mistakes all the time. Investors will tell you that at least 9 out of 10 of their acquisitions fail, but the one that works makes up for the losses many times over. It’s the same with your ideas to make 2015 great – all you need is one to work out and you’ll be GOLDen.

But it won’t happen with you sitting on the couch being lazy and feeling sorry for yourself for previous failures. 2015 is brand new. All those bad relationships in your life are in the past (or make it that way). Ignore all those people who laugh at you for starting your own business and not getting a “real job”. Did you see “The Interview” yet? “They hate us cuz they ain’t us!”

Take action and go with your gut on things. There is no “right time” – The time is now! If not now, when? No excuses! You don’t need perfection in anything to get going. (If perfection were the case, Microsoft would have never gotten off the ground!) Be honest and write down what your strengths are (we all have some) as well as your weaknesses, then figure out a way to concentrate on what makes you great and partner with others for the rest. Not a good salesperson?… (you’re probably better than you think), but if that’s a truth in your mind, find someone who is and partner with them. That’s how some of the most successful businesses in the world get started.

Most of all, stop thinking “I can’t”. With a written goals list and taking consistent, clear, precise, and laser-focused action, you most certainly can. 2015 is waiting for you to make it a great year, whether it be with Karatbars or anything else! WRITTEN GOALS AND ACTION – THAT’s what’s going to set this year apart from the rest, right?!?

Join our Karatbars Gold team here and begin your first step in making 2015 great!

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