Multi-Millionaires Are All Saying to Buy Gold

While clueless people go shopping on “Black Friday” and fall for all this “Cyber Monday” nonsense all over the internet, guess what happened today? The National Debt just hit 18 trillion dollars, and you won’t hear one report of it on any mainstream media outlet!

Way to go, USA! I wonder what the latest news on Bill Cosby is today? And did you hear what Ray Rice’s wife said? OMG – that Kardashian photo is raunchy, isn’t it? We support you Justin Beiber! … it’s a great country we live in as the “news” continues to numb us deeper and deeper into total preoccupation with items that do nothing to advance our own personal lives in any manner.

Multimillionaires know differently. They think differently. But then again, they’re not much different than you or me. They just see trends and ACT on them. It’s really simple when you break it all down. Find out what successful people are doing, and do likewise. Trust me, they don’t care who won American Idol. They do care about the future of our monetary system though.

Today was good news for Karatbar owners and those who are building a business around gold accumulation. Gold in general had one of it’s best days in many years, as gold prices, silver, and gold miners all soared, based on a variety of reasons besides that magic $18 trillion number.

1) Gold may become a useful tool to address the critical crisis of sovereign debt that has been gripping the world financial markets and is putting at risk economic growth for years to come. All data indicates that the consequences of any use of gold as a collateral to sovereign bonds would arguably be very positive. (And that’s good for Karatbars)

2) In case you haven’t heard, Japan and other nations are developing their own economic disaster and are moving to gold. Most global banks have a zero or negative interest policy whereby foreign countries have flocked to the US dollar in record numbers. Now they’re panicking too – which again is good if your business is Karatbars. When the US dollar collapses and other currencies crash land, gold will be the new safe haven (again). It’s not just us Karatbars affiliates that see the value in gold, but entire nations do as well!

3) And just wait for QE Infinity to be announced soon! It’s in place to supposedly save dying economies around the world. Will it? Anybody remember their high school math classes? It’s impossible! This actually may be the proverbial hole that bursts the dam. Lucky for those who have embraced the Karatbars opportunity, we’ll have already prepared our hedge against financial crisis and disaster.

My smartest millionaire friends are all saying “Buy Gold”, “Buy Gold”, “Buy Gold”. The other people I know are forwarding Michele Obama jokes and taking online Facebook quizzes. You don’t have to be a genius to deduce that this is the start of a long-term bull market in gold. Care to hop on board with Karatbars?

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