Monetary Revolution is Coming and the Time to Buy Gold is NOW

The end of price manipulation and the current financial system is not too far off. The US Constitution states ONLY gold and silver can be Legal Tender. This is done so NO one party can control the currency. However, the US Federal Reserve (with persistence and slight of hand) has managed to control the currency. It then lends it to the government, which is required to pay interest. This interest is paid out to the Federal Reserve (a private institution) by the U.S. taxpayers.

The result: A currency once backed by Silver and Gold is now backed by THIN AIR!

So why wouold there be gold and silver manipulation? Simple: if people put their faith back into REAL money, the system of currency would fail, and the Federal Reserve Bank would lose control. (by the way, the Federal Reserve Bank isn’t federal, it’s not a reserve, and it’s not a bank either).

One of the major shareholders of the Federal Reserve is a U.S. bank. That’s right – a shareholder: the Federal Reserve is a private entity! This U.S. bank holds over 30% of the world short position on the silver market. It has over $200 TRILLION in derivatives that CAN’T be stopped from EXPLODING. This U.S. bank is struggling for survival, and it’s been the backbone for the U.S. banking system.

When this bank fails because the derivatives can’t be controlled (which is a mathematical CERTAINTY), the silver shorts will fail, comex will bust, and gold and silver will skyrocket. The dollar will completely collapse, banks will shut down overnight and the U.S. derivatives market will silence the entire system.

This U.S. bank is none other than JP Morgan. Buy gold and silver now, before this house of cards literally collapses to the ground. History shows us that Fiat Currency has NEVER lasted. And when JP Morgan fails, it will be practically impossible to buy silver.

At that point, people will stand up and take their power back. You can start today by registering with us at KB Gold. Or you can ignore this message and wish you hadn’t when disaster strikes.

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