Mainstream Media’s News is Classic Misdirection Magic Trick

In the aftermath of the last presidential debate, all you hear about in the media these days seems to involve Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly. Like all good magicians know, it’s all about misdirection and the media understands that most people are stupid.

Funny how no one is talking about the dire straits the US monetary system is in and how the Fed may be setting us up for another recession. (assuming we ever got out of the last one in the first place! That’s another point to be debated.) Not one question in the last debate went to that point. But the issue is real and it’s affecting each and every one of us, whether we want to admit it or not.

While you’ve been watching “news” of Bruce/Kaitlyn Jenner, China has just made a major move to devalue their yuan, which many believe to be the start of a giant global currency war. Who cares? Right? … But what most people don’t realize is that perhaps their endgame here is to prepare for a time when the global financial world does not revolve around the U.S. Dollar. All of this is going on as stories about Cecil the Lion dominate the headlines.

Donald Trump himself said this move by China will be devastating to the U.S. economy and that the dollar bubble is set to burst as a result. Oh, but in the meantime, “What color was the dress” got 64,000 “shares” on Mashable – classic misdirection to what’s really important to YOUR life, and nobody cares. Watch this video below:

In the real world, (and by that I mean the world where you should be setting aside a portion of your assets into real, pure, Karatbar gold), we can see that by letting their currency float more freely, the Chinese principle concern was not their exchange rate with the dollar, which had remained largely fixed, but their exchange rates with currencies like the Japanese yen, the Australian dollar, the euro, the Canadian dollar, and other emerging market currencies in Latin America and South East Asia. In fact, China has already approved the usage of the Ruble instead of the dollar in their border cities. This shows where the Chinese are placing their priorities.

Reading between the lines, it’s clear the Chinese feel that the current U.S. dollar has all the earmarks of a classic bubble. You have to be quite naive to really buy into the media’s smoke-and-mirror belief that the U.S. economy has fully recovered and that the Fed will be able to raise interest rates and shrink its balance sheet substantially.

In fact, current REAL economic data shows anemic investment, minimal productivity growth, barely positive GDP growth, wage stagnation, and falling labor participation, all of which points to a strong possibility that the monetary road ahead will be a rocky one. And if that’s the case, watch for the Fed (the biggest leveraged hedge fund in history) to immediately deliver another round of QE, which of course makes things worse while seemingly being a solution (another classic misdirection magic trick).

By decoupling from the dollar now, China is sending a clear message that they may be┬áprepared to let the U.S. dollar fall completely later. In other words, they’re betting it will happen. The move also illustrates the Chinese appetite for gold as a safe haven asset, as gold has surged in yuan terms over the past few weeks.

It is extremely important therefore to solidly plan for your future. Here’s the truth: The US national debt is real and mathematically cannot be fixed. This act by China could trigger another financial meltdown. DO NOT be fooled! Gold is your only real magical answer! The Karatbars gold opportunity fits perfectly into those plans.

… Now back to watching the latest episode of the Big Bang Theory…

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