Karatbars New Compensation Plan Makes Selling Gold a GoldMine

If you haven’t yet heard about the Karatbars, International business opportunity, then a) This is probably your first visit to this blog; and b) you’re missing out on an amazing way to earn a significant income while protecting yourself from the hyper inflation that’s right around the corner (that no one in the mainstream media is talking about).

Karatbars allows you to exchange your fiat depreciating paper money for a store of value of pure 999.9 gold bullion that is LBMA refinery certified via their global private currency exchange. Gold has traditionally been a hedge against inflation, and if you don’t believe that now, you better be prepared for some financial pain in the very near future.

Their London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) certification is key because it insures the gold you are buying is not only 999.9 pure gold bullion, but more importantly accepted worldwide as currency! Simply stated, unlike other “home based businesses” which require an overpriced autoship of basically useless material, Karatbars puts you in business basically selling money! The product is REAL and IN-DEMAND, where everyone wants and needs it and no one ever has enough of.

Karatbars has always had a attractive compensation plan, but the latest changes have made that already lucrative plan even more appealing, which the video below goes into details with.

You can also find out more about the new Karatbars pay plans here, along with information on ATAKulche, the actual gold refinery owned by Karatbars.

In today’s turbulent economic times when everyone’s out of work and seeing their savings disintegrate, ask yourself this: would you rather own dollars or gold bullion? Now ask yourself this: what do you think OTHER people would answer to that question? And that, my friends, is the simplest sales pitch you’ll ever need to be successful in your own business of selling the Karatbars Gold opportunity.

Now ask yourself this: do you have $1653.70 (today’s spot price of gold) to spend on a ounce of gold? Wouldn’t it be great to buy gold on your own terms? Karatbars allows you to buy your gold a gram at a time if you wish, making them the only company that allows you to purchase gold in small denominations! Do you think that’s a sell-able quality in a product? You bet it is – and is another reason why becoming a Karatbars affiliate makes so much sense in today’s economy.

And remember: while an ounce of gold in bar form is less expensive, you as the seller of that bar have the responsibility to verify the gold is in fact gold. With Karatbars, not only are you working in smaller, more manageable denominations, but your product is already certified gold by the highest authority on the planet! Do you think you can sell that?

What’s more, Karatbars provides you as an affiliate with your own free online Gold Store, where you earn commissions on ANYONE making a purchase whether they become affiliates or not, providing you with just another way to earn income selling gold products. Ever heard of e-commerce? Now you’re in business!

It’s gold in small denominations, it’s globally accepted based on the LBMA certification, it’s always in demand because it’s money, you don’t have to be “salsy” to sell it, and there are no fees involved in the transactions. $1 buys a dollar’s worth of gold – no transaction fees, no storage fees, NOTHING! You can have your gold stored or delivered to you.

Is gold going away any time soon? – It hasn’t for thousands of years. Will the business opportunity your friends are pitching to you be there tomorrow? – who knows? We can’t be more clear: if you’re looking for a strong business opportunity with a solid product, an established company that has withstood every test of scrutiny, and a compensation plan to make it all worthwhile, you have to be crazy not to jump on the Karatbars gold deal right now.

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