Karatbars Branding Cards Program Income Opportunity Explained

Not only is Karatbars Gold a great way to accumulate gold in small denominations, but they also have a very interesting branding and income producing opportunity centered around a very unique and simple concept that many times goes unnoticed – the ability to provide BRANDED gold cards to various companies and organizations that help everyone achieve additional streams of income! What this video as a short introduction:

As everyone in business knows, the brand is everything! But how do you keep your brand constantly in front of people without going through the traditional (and boring) means of business cards, refrigerator magnets, postcards, pens, and all the other worthless trinkets that scream out “I’m not original!”?

Here’s the key: no one throws away gold. No one! Even people who still don’t buy into the concept of gold won’t throw a custom branded gold card away. If Karatbar Gold Branding Cards are good enough for the Vatican, they’re good enough for you, right?

Download the official Karatbars Gold Branding Brochure here

Ever try to pitch a “business opportunity” to a family member, friend, or business acquaintance? Are they still your family member, friend, or business acquaintance afterwards when they look at you incredulously with that “NO” face and seem to be saying “what are you doing!?” with their body language?

Guess what? Branding Cards may be the solution for you to really get going with your Karatbars Business because not only does it allow the accumulation of real gold, but it also provides the business with something all business’ definitely need: exposure! Here’s how the conversation may differ:


  • You (… or me): Would you like to enroll into the Karatbars Gold business, accumulate gold in small quantities, and perhaps make a business of it to create generational income?
  • Friend/Family Member/Person at Starbucks: No, stop wasting your time and get a job!


  • You (… or me): Would you like to promote your company better with a branded business-card sized piece of gold that no one will ever throw away?
  • Business Person: That sounds interesting…  tell me more.

Now of course it’s never that cut and dry, but you get the point. Watch this video as well for more info. Also, download this training guide on Karatbars Gold and it’ll really open your eyes to the opportunity. By the way, there are NO MINIMUMS on Karatbars Gold Branding Cards so….

Start talking to businesses about what their REAL concerns are and you’ll find out that the Karatbars Gold Branding Cards are a real solution – and you may even grow a lucrative gold business for yourself in the process.  If you haven’t done so already, get started right now with a free account!!!


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