Karatbar Gold Helps You Prepare for the Collapse of the US Dollar

You just can’t trust the news media. They’ve actually convinced the majority of Americans that this economy is stable and there’s peace in the world. Readers of this blog know that in reality, it’s just a matter of time before China and other powerhouse countries start deploying their dollar reserves, and at that point, the dollar will collapse like a house of cards. Do you own gold yet?

Tough love, folks. You need to understand the implications of such an action which will have serious financial consequences to both you and me for literally decades. You must understand that you need to prepare yourself for when this happens, because when the dollar collapses, most Americans will be in complete shock because they blindly failed to take any steps to avoid financial disaster.

Yes – food, energy and other essential resources will become unattainable for many almost overnight. And that’s not a good recipe for a strong and stable society. I get it…  you don’t want to believe that the US dollar collapse is right around the corner. But don’t think for a second that the government is here to help bail you out. They don’t bail out individuals. They’re proud of the snow-job that they’re doing to the American public.

In fact, the Russians are going through their own currency collapse right now, which many believe to be the result of outright global banking fraud and manipulation. The only difference between what’s happening in Russia now and what’s going to happen in the USA soon is that Russians have been used to dealing with poverty and social issues – we have not, which is why most Americans are completely unprepared for what many see as a certainty in the not-so-far-off future.

What would the average American do if their cost of living tripled overnight? You’d probably see riots and pandemonium break out as people scramble to accumulate resources before they ran out. All you have to do is look at the impact the snowstorms and power outages had in the Northeast to see how even the most rosy-color thinking optimist panics in the face of disaster.

We need to take action now so we are prepared and not wiped out when (not if) the collapse of the dollar actually happens. We cannot stress enough the importance of registering for a free Karatbars account and start accumulating gold in small denominations.

Karatbars gold is essentially an asset class in itself – there’s nothing else out there like it! As such, its valuation is a bit different than if you were to buy bars of gold in the traditional manner. Karatbars eliminates practically all the hassles of gold ownership (especially where to store it), and also provides the opportunity of a lifetime to turn gold into your very own business. You’d be crazy not to get started with this gold buying program, even if you think we’re over-reacting to everything mentioned in this article. Doesn’t it pay to be on the safe side, just in case?

The winds are shifting. Are you prepared for the real storm? You will be if you get moving with Karatbars right now!

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