Is the Numis Network Regarding Buying Gold a Scam? MLM Mantra “Recruit Recruit Recruit” Comes to Mind

As we continue to market the KB Gold business opportunity, a constant comparison keeps being made to the MLM Numis Network Marketing business. How does KB Gold compare and what are the differences? Well, lets start out with the number one question:  Are the Numis Network graded silver and gold coins worth the money, or is it just another example of an overpriced multi-level product where the real focus is on recruiting individuals to grow downlines?

First off, whenever the major focus with ANY network marketing or MLM is recruiting, you’re pretty much sure you’re going to have problems sustaining a real business. The Numis Network is a network marketing company marketing gold and silver numismatic bullion coins – but whatever you do, don’t look at the price! The goal of buying gold and precious metals is to potentially profit as prices rise, but more importantly in today’s world, provide you with protection as the dollar keeps being continually devalued to the point where it’s collapse is just a matter of time.

However, when you pay too much for your investments, you run into serious issues. For example, when you purchase gold numismatic bullion from a reputable dealer, you’re paying what’s called the “spot price”, or the current price of that precious metal, plus a small commission. Is an ANACS MS70 graded 2009 Silver Eagle worth 5x more than a non-graded 2009 Silver Eagle? Let’s do the math:

  • Numis charges $125 for their ANACS MS70 2009 Silver Eagle.
  • A non-graded 2009 Silver Eagle is $20.

That’s a great deal – for the Numis Network – certainly not for you. Remember each coin is basically worth the SPOT PRICE of the precious metal content. If you have doubts about that, take a new 2009 ANACS MS70 Silver Eagle to a local reputable dealer and see what they will pay you for it. The grading of modern numismatic bullion coins is practically WORTHLESS and the only real benefit is that the coin has been certified to be real and it’s in a protective plastic slab.

The reason companies now grade newer coins is because they get paid for every coin graded and they’ve SOLD OUT for profits. How hard is it to grade a new coin? The grading system was developed to set a standard for evaluating the worth of OLD coins such as silver Morgans or gold St. Gaudens. However, the Numis Network states the following:

“Graded silver and gold numismatic coins are not ordinary, they are special. The value of these collectible coins is based not only on their precious metal content, but also on rarity, collector demand, and their actual condition.”

Now consider the following:

  • The precious metal content is the current silver spot price for one troy ounce of silver, which is $18 at the time of this post.
  • Silver Eagles are not rare! There have been HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS minted in the last decade!\
  • As such, serious coin collectors have no interest in paying 5x the spot price of the precious metal content, for a coin that is not rare.
  • Of course the condition of new Silver Eagles is pristine… they just got STAMPED at the mint. What would you expect?

So the only real value an ANACS 2009 MS70 Silver Eagle has is its silver value, which is $18. That would mean that a Numis Network customer would have paid $125 for a coin that will only sell for $18 at a reputable dealer. And since it’s not a rare, ‘collectible’ coin whose value will go up significantly over time, the only way for them to recoup their investment is to wait for silver prices to rise above $125; or to sell it on eBay to someone else who is IGNORANT about silver coin terminology and values.

… Or of course, recruit others into this “great” opportunity. So is the Numis Network a scam? Hopefully the above information has helped you get the information you need to draw your own conclusions.

We’re researched everything out there and can say with absolute certainty that the KB gold backed savings account buying and business opportunity provides you with the best resource to buy gold today, get your money’s worth, and protect yourself against the failing economy and falling dollar.

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