Is it Time to Buy Gold? Should you invest in Gold? How to Buy Gold Safely

Many in the mainstream media are pointing out the recession is over and the US economy is growing once again. The problem with that is that the facts say something entirely different: that our financial crisis has just begun. Europe, China, Greece, etc. are all facing major financial problems also but they all pale in comparison to the debt that strangleholds America.

So is it time to buy gold and invest in gold? Consider the following: With gross U.S. debt at 90% of the Gross Domestic Product, and with the U.S. gross public debt probably reaching 97% within next year and 110% by 2015, it has to be painfully obvious that the debt our country faces is completely impossible to pay back. Politicians and Congress are trying to solve this problem by printing more and more money, which of course only makes the problem worse as the end result of this will be the total collapse of the U.S. dollar with double-digit inflation almost a certainty.

Despite the fact that gold is trading at almost all-time highs, the trend in gold continues to signal upward movement and for good reason. The economic forces which have led to our current financial mess makes gold an unstoppable force as it’s the ONLY way you can hedge against economic collapse. Gold is the ultimate safe haven in troubled economic times and based on fundamental economic data (not what the cheer-leading government politicians and news media outlets want you to hear), we’re currently living in times where gold will hold its value better (and soar higher) than any other asset. In fact, gold most likely will provide extraordinary gains for those who invest in gold today and buy gold safely.

Who do you trust: the natural and time-proven benefits of gold in a fragile market or the remote possibility of our government officials doing the right thing and getting the economy back on track? Based on the numbers, the latter is literally impossible. Our debt is too high and can’t ever be repaid. The dollar collapse is imminent. You can either ride the gold wave and buy gold now or get steamrolled by it and say “I should have”.

Learn why investing in gold is the prudent move for investors to profit in the upcoming crazy years, when everyone else who stayed in real estate and the stock market will see their positions evaporate. This point cannot be stressed highly enough. It’s definitely time to buy gold now, despite its “high price”. The price of not buying gold will be far greater – and painful.

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