If the U.S. Government is Hoarding Gold, You Should Buy Gold Too

“I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”. As Ronald Reagan once said, those are the scariest 10 words you can possibly hear, but deep down, you do know the government has only one concern: the government. We all get that right? Because assuming that’s the case, the next statement should really make you think about what you should be doing with your own financial resources:

The government is hoarding gold, and the Treasury says it won’t tap into its gold stockpile, even to avoid a default. Hmmm… interesting… what does that tell you?

Isn’t that exactly the opposite message being sent to you by the mainstream media? Of course! That’s why it’s up to YOU to educate and take actions to protect YOURSELF from financial crisis because the government has absolutely no interest in your well-being financially. They just don’t – stop believing the nonsense and propaganda!

Find out what the masses are doing and do the opposite. That’s been the secret of success for over 2000 years and counting! The truth of the matter is, despite it’s recent price, gold has always held a “safe haven” status now, yesterday, and tomorrow. Those at the United States Treasury know that to be the case, because their recent actions have shown them to be firm believers in the benefits of gold ownership.

They are currently hoarding gold and aren’t interested in selling it at any price or for any reason. That means the U.S. Treasury considers gold to be a key element for a sound and stable portfolio, but they put out exactly the opposite story for the general population through their control of the mainstream media. The message that filters down to you is “own gold, are you crazy?

Well, the federal government will soon run out of money and has already shut down for the foreseeable future. Which means their fiat paper (the U.S. Dollar) that comes with the promise of “full faith and credit”, will eventually collapse, making gold the only game in town. They know that, as do other governments worldwide that are making gold their purchase of choice. What happens to the price of gold during a government shutdown? Here’s an interesting video to shed some light onto that subject:

All the while saying the exact opposite. Be smart. Start to accumulate gold in small increments. Then get going with a gold business which allows you to earn commissions when others do likewise. It’s YOUR life – take control, and don’t let the big boys scare you or lure you into a false existence of safety.

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