How to Solve ALL Your Financial Problems

Has the economy hit you hard? Looking for a way to make ends meet? Well, we have the solution for you. Below you’ll see a graphic of a real $100,000 bill. I bet you didn’t even know they existed or that Woodrow Wilson is pictured on the bill.
Here’s what you need to do. Position your mouse cursor directly over the above image, then right-click and “save image as” to your computer’s hard-drive. Then print off as many as you want on your color printer to pay your bills, buy any items you feel you need or deserve, or just take a much-needed vacation. Go ahead… really, you have our permission. Your money problems are now solved.

Sounds ridiculous, right? Well folks, that’s EXACTLY what your government is doing right now, today, and everyday. They are basically fraudulently printing money. And we all sit back and just take it.

I know when you read “our” solution above, you were probably thinking that you never heard anything crazier in your life. You IMMEDIATELY KNEW what a scam printing money would be and doing so would most likely land you in jail. Yet, when we told you about the government doing the exact very same thing, I’m wondering why more of you aren’t even more upset.

You should all be outraged at this! But for whatever reason, few really are. You know printing money is a joke, and you know the government does it with absolutely no restrictions, yet many of you are just sitting back, watching from the sidelines and hoping someone will protect you from the inevitable.

So, what’s the solution? Can you start a revolution that will change the world, electing Ron Paul, and ending the Fed? Probably not. But what you CAN do is to start a revolution in your own personal life and resolve to protect yourself from the workings of the financial elite who are completely UNINTERESTED in YOUR future or YOUR prosperity. Some of you are going to be upset about my next statement but here it goes anyway:

Bottom Line: You have to position yourself for what’s about to happen to our monetary system and global economy in the upcoming years – and I promise you it will not be pretty. That, you can be sure.

We all know what the real solution is: it’s buying gold and precious metals. It’s starting a gold savings account where you can actually exchange your fiat paper money into real gold. It’s using gold as an opportunity to start your own business in an area of unlimited possibility. It’s NOT watching CNN tell you things are going to get better.

And unfortunately, it’s not printing $100,000 bills off your computer. Get outraged. Start your own personal revolution! Quite frankly, I’m shocked at the number of people who realize this and have yet to do anything. At what point does “there’s still time to act” become “it’s too late”? When you’re dealing with stakes like this, do you really want to take that chance?

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