How to Market Karatbars Gold to a Wide Audience Without Breaking the Bank

By now, you realize the importance of protecting yourself against the eminent death of the U.S. dollar. Events unfolding this very instant in Greece should be an alarming wake up call that financial disaster can happen at any time – and you need to be prepared.

So… assuming you’ve already established a free Karatbars gold account and working the gold buying opportunity as a business, how do you get the word out to people to enroll to start earning while others do likewise? There are many ways to do this, but in order to be really successful, you have to really rack your mind and come up with ideas that’ll put you at the forefront where people will actually see and contact you.

I hate to say it, but a replicated website probably won’t do it. Don’t think for a minute your replicated site will place you anywhere near the top of the search engines, regardless of how much you promote it organically. Your Facebook fan page probably won’t do it either. You can try using Twitter or Instagram, but there’s so much noise and competing info out there, it’s hard to truly stand out. In short, everyone’s trying social media and very few are succeeding. Don’t be discouraged.

The best way to market your Karatbar gold business is to find someplace where there’s a ton of people around in a captive audience type environment. Highway billboards are awesome due to the sheer amount of traffic that pass by on a daily basis. But who has money for a billboard?

Ads on screens before the coming attractions in movie theatres work great too. Same thing with radio ads and of course TV. You’ve got a captive audience in a movie theatre where people can’t do anything but notice your ad. When you’re in your car, you’ve got nothing to do but listen to the radio. And we all know how much time we spend watching mindless TV. Again, the problem becomes: who’s got the money to do this?

But wait – you have a car, right? My real estate colleagues tell me that over 90% of their CLOSED sales come from people who originally contacted them via their contact information detailed on their cars! If it works in a competitive heavy industry such as real estate, there’s no reason it won’t work for something that’s way more question-provoking and sexy. (like Karatbars gold, right?)

On the high end, the average cost of detailing your car is about $150. That’s NOTHING compared to how many potential inquiries you may be getting on a daily basis! How much do you drive? How many people see your car each day? (you’d be really surprised on how high that number is if you really take the time and effort to count).

Now ask yourself this: how many people do you know are marketing their business efforts from car signage? (probably no one). You already know it works! Just do it. There’s nothing worse than traditional multi-level marketers and MLMers who stop you in grocery stores, coffee shops, shopping malls, and say stupid things to drum up business like “You look like someone I should be in business with”. Really?! How embarrassing! (no wonder why the industry is in such poor regard). Have a look at what I saw on the road the other day that made me turn my car around and stop to take a picture for what I call brilliant “mobile marketing”:

Now that’s what I call noticeable! Let’s summarize: You’ve joined Karatbars as an affiliate, but there’s way too much noise on the internet to stand out. Big-time advertising just costs too much money. But by using mobile car signage, you’re telling MANY people on a daily basis what you do and offering THEM the chance to contact you instead… THEN, you can meet them at Starbucks!

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