How to Become a Gold Broker

“Become a gold broker!” “Start your own business brokering gold!” You see headlines online all the time relating to starting your own business as a gold broker. And it’s really easy, right?

Well, let’s think about that. All you have to do to become a gold broker is basically become a commodities broker, since they are licensed to sell gold. And all you have to do to be a commodities broker is to pass the Series 3 Exam, which is just a 2 part, 2 1/2 test covering a myriad of topics which will probably run you about $500 after all is said and done.

Then, all you have to do is hook up with a brokerage company and pound the phone each day and get your share of whatever commission structure your broker forces you into, since you have no negotiating leverage, as you’ll probably be beginning in a broker training program and then moved into an entry-level position within the company after a certain amount of time.

Then, you need to develop trust and confidence among your clients to succeed, taking their phone calls at all hours and basically playing psychologist to the many fears placed into their minds by the mainstream media (who all tell you the economy is doing great by the way).

Then, if you show you’re capable, you can become a gold broker in the Forex market. With just $2,000 as minimum investment, you can maintain an account in this market as a broker.

Then, after you’ve spent all this money and when you’re fully licensed and experienced, you’re sure to get a lot of clients and in turn, you can earn good money. Whew! Got that?


Maybe a better way, a fast-track way with a 12-week plan of success where you can use gold as a vehicle to build your financial success without the time consuming hassles of test-taking, office politics, and large financial investments?

That solution is Karatbars, International and it’s a company that allows you to purchase real 999.9 gold bullion in small quantities and earn money when others do likewise. It’s not like you’re really a gold “broker” – you’re more of a gold “referrer”, but it all translates into the same thing: you’re essentially exchanging your fiat depreciating paper money for gold, which has been a store of value for centuries and will continue to be so.

And you’re helping others by just introducing the program to them, both from a gold and a business opportunity perspective. No license required, no major financial commitments, and best of all (unlike other network marketing companies), no autoship requirements to succeed. Why go through all the time and effort becoming a traditional gold broker as described above when the Karatbar opportunity is so much more attractive?

Hmmmm… maybe becoming a gold broker IS that easy!  Enroll for free and essentially become a gold broker today!

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