Government Debt Problem Solution Is Well Known – But it Won’t Happen So Buy Gold

Read this article to understand why the key to avoiding financial crisis is really quite simple. The implementation of prudent monetary and fiscal policies is the real solution, but that won’t happen for one good reason:

Voters do not want to want to tighten their belts! They’ve always counted on government goodies to keep the party going. And since politicians real goals are to stay in office, they have no incentive to implement prudent, long-term policies if they come with short-term hardships.

The article goes on to make a strong point about why investing in gold is a prudent investment option and why you should buy gold as an economic hedge. After all, the reintroduction of a prudent global monetary system would make budget deficits quickly disappear – but until then, you need to buy gold to protect yourself from the idiots we keep electing.

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