Gold Fundraisers – How to Raise Money for your Community or Cause with Gold Karatbars

These days, many community causes as well as sports teams, churches, and scout groups are all looking for ways to raise money. Most are struggling with fundraising ideas because rarely does anyone in these organizations think outside the box. Face it – traditional fundraising avenues just don’t work. You need to try something different.

How about organizing gold fundraisers with the pure 999.9 gold-backed savings accounts from Karatbars, International?

Yes, gold fundraisers essentially take the pressure off parents and youth groups by offering a valuable asset instead of the typical nonsense most fundraisers employ.  How can a Karatbars gold-backed savings account be used for fundraising?

In this day and age, I don’t think we have to convince anyone that a dire economic landscape is in the not-so-far-off future. Gold is your hedge against inflation and a means to protect yourself from the eventual collapse of the U.S. dollar. Karatbars allow you to convert your depreciating fiat paper money into real gold in small denominations, essentially starting your own gold backed savings account with gold currency that is accepted and approved for use in 194 countries worldwide.

You can’t beat this form of fundraising because it’s something that people actually want and certainly need right now. And as you refer more people to set up their gold backed savings accounts with Karatbars, you earn commissions from every new customer that funds their accounts! Does your bank do that for you?

Unlike traditional ridiculous fundraisers where you have to stock inventory, run events, hassle people with guilt, and finally ship or delivery whatever trinkets that the recipients just throw away anyway, gold fundraisers with Karatbars take care of all the hassles so you don’t have to do anything but sign them up with a no-fee free gold-backed savings Karatbar account.

This really can’t be any simplier. Karatbars are gold products everyone needs, making gold fundraisers about as automatic and profitable as you can get in the fundraiser world.  You give people a fund raising referral code where they can go online and register for free for their own karatbars account.

At that point they become your referral and you (and your organization or cause) earns money each and every time that user funds their account – forever! This is money you can use as cash or you can exchange for gold yourself and even set up a gold-backed savings account for your organization for even more fundraising power! The compensation plan is quite lucrative where many are making this their primary business as so many people are either unemployed or looking to branch out on their own from their hum-drum nine-to-five existence. That’s how great this Karatbars gold program really is!

There are no fees, costs, obligations or whatever by using Karatbars as a fundraising vehicle. Strict Swiss certification standards have always been met and karatbars are certified by the LBMA so no one can consider this a scam.

Just by introducing Karatbars is a great way to earn exponential funds for whatever your community or cause is. Remember: accounts are free to everyone and customers have full access to their accounts online. It’s hassle-free to you, the fundraiser. Talk about right time, right product, and right place. When was the last time you were approached to buy gold for fundraising purposes? Probably never – that’s what’s called opportunity.

There absolutely is no downside to fundraising with Karatbars. Start today by registering your group or community cause here and we’ll show you step-by-step why this is such a great opportunity and how you can be successful in raising money via the Karatbars gold program.

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