Gold Home Based Business for Network Marketers – What Exactly is a Karatbar?

If there’s ever been a time for a truly unique home based business, it’s right now – with the right product. You see what’s going on in the world financially and know what’s in store for the global economy in the near future. That’s why the time to take a look at Karatbars is RIGHT NOW!

A KaratBar is a beautifully designed ‘card’ with a small denomination of real 24 karat gold framed inside. It is REAL CURRENCY and is about the size of a regular credit card.

KaratBars are always certified for purity and weight and will always be accepted worldwide by banks, financial institutions, and merchants.

Today, KaratBars are available in denomination weights of 1.0, 2.5 and 5.0 gram bullions. Each gold bullion is pure 999.9 24 karat fine gold containing a hologram for additional security purposes.

Front View

Back View

The certification area on each KaratBar is globally recognized and guarantees its contents are genuine.

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In addition, the KaratBar Savings Plan was designed to fit any budget, and help you to progressively build your savings of gold through monthly purchases. Starting at 50 Euro, this plan is easy to use and simple to understand. This optional service was created to help you ‘stay on track’ to accumulate more gold each and every month.

Don’t think of this as purchasing gold… Rather you are simply trading your paper money for a superior currency (something far more stable).

It’s pretty much like your local savings account, only with KaratBars International, your account is backed by REAL GOLD! Every month, you’ll simply choose your desired amount of gold, and Karat Bars International will store it for you 100% safe and secure.

What makes this option so attractive is the simplicity and convenience of acquiring more gold each month. You’ll have full and unlimited access to monitor your purchases through your online account and reap the following benefits of a KaratBar Savings Account:

  • You simply open a savings account for as little as 50 Euro
  • You manage and control your account online
  • Your gold can be exchanged for cash at any time
  • The plan assists you in accumulating gold every month
  • Peace of mind that your gold is stored in a highly secured installation.
  • KaratBars International also guarantees you the best ‘buy-back price’ on the market.

Find out how to enroll for free today.  Finally, Karatbars makes for a great home-based business as well. Find out more details on how a Karatbars gold business can work for you here >>>

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