Gold ATM’s Coming To Florida and Other States

Predictions that we will soon be seeing Gold ATM’s, as in ATMs that dispense shiny 24-carat gold bars instead of cash are coming true as a German company has started to install these Gold machines in Florida.

Why are they doing this? Because (as we’ve been saying for quite some time now) know gold should be a part of everyone’s investment portfolio and little by little, people are starting to see gold and precious metals as a hedge against the upcoming destruction of the U.S. dollar.

The company has already installed these machines in Abu Dhabi, Germany, Spain, and Italy and they plan on unrolling hundreds more worldwide in 2011. They see a trend and are capitalizing on it. Likewise, you should see the same trend and start profiting on the upward trending of gold as well. While you probably don’t have the capitalization to build, market, and maintain Gold dispensing ATM’s, you can still start a gold business by offering the world’s first and only gold-backed savings accounts.

While gold, like everything else is cyclical, it’s trending ever upwards these days mainly due to fears stoked by financial collapse (fears which – unfortunately – are absolutely justified based on fundamental economic data). Now’s the time for you to act and stake your claim to a gold business opportunity where the timing is excellent – as the idea to create gold ATM’s attests to.

How many people can you sell gold to if it were a free account and you got commissions on the gold your network eventually buys? Do you see the power in this with THE ONLY product that will protect us from the damage the genius’ in our government have created?

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