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Fundraising with Karatbar Gold – Fundraise and Raise Money for your Cause Through Gold Fundraisers

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In these tough times, many are looking for ways to raise funds for their causes and how to run fundraisers so that their charitable organizations fundraise as effectively as possible. What’s the best way to raise funds for your community or charity? Run a gold fundraiser and you’ve got a winner.

Are you frustrated and struggling to raise funds for your cause? It’s probably because you’re running the same tired and boring fundraisers that everyone’s grown sick of. There are so many community groups, churches, schools, sports teams, clubs, scouts, etc that are struggling with traditional fundraising avenues because they don’t have the unique product that makes a fundraiser so successful.

Regardless of the size of your organization, a gold fundraiser from Karatbars takes all the pressure off parents, kids, and groups who have to “sell” a useless product in their fund raising efforts.

A Karatbars savings account is a 100% fee-free account with KB Edelmetall AG, a German financial institution, that has been helping their customers across Europe protect their wealth since 1994, and is currently in the process of expanding world-wide. KB Edelmetall AG is 100% debt free, owns their own gold mines, refinery, mint and global distribution systems. KB Gold cards are already accepted and approved for use in 194 countries world-wide.

Karatbars are fund raising at its best as it functions as the perfect vehicle to convert depreciating paper fiat currency into appreciating currency (gold and silver) in an affordable (and worldwide) manner with 1/2 Gram 999.9 Kinebar Grade Gold, authenticated and hologrammed for security (and even stored for free in a secure Swiss vault if desired).

Karatbars actually pays you whenever a referred customer deposits funds to their accounts! Try asking Wells Fargo to do that! In today’s economic climate where the dollar faces almost certain devaluation, using gold as a fundraising mechanism makes perfect sense. Simply put: gold and silver are your only true stores of value today – and registering for a Karatbars plan is completely free. Best of all, you don’t have to convince anyone about the economy – EVERYONE NEEDS GOLD TODAY!!!

You as the fundraiser don’t have to worry about inventory, shipping, product spoilage, or anything else that makes fund raising so difficult and annoying, saving you time, money, and energy. In fact, unlike traditional “one-time event” fundraisers, running a Karatbar fundraiser pays you month after month, without any of the hassles associated with fundraiser events.

The entire process is extremely simple: you just open an account for your organization and give people your gold fundraiser referral link. They go online, create their own accounts for free to buy gold, and whenever they do, your organization gets paid and raises money and continues to do so as long as they remain Karatbars account holders. Plus, everyone who registers for an account gets their own referral link as well, so they can share the opportunity with the people they know and continually raise funds for your charity through the gold fundraiser campaign.

The funds raised through these gold purchases are available to your charitable organization to withdraw in cash, or you can buy more gold with it and watch it appreciate as your fund grows.

Remember with the Karatbars fund raising program, there are absolutely no costs, fees, obligations, or quotas involved and there has never been one complaint concerning the product as Karatbars has consistently met all Swiss certification standards, the highest in the industry. Once a free account is created, it can be managed online in your own personal Karatbars website, with full control of your account. In addition, preferred accounts receive discounts on buying and selling back to Karatbars.

Karatbars has no competitors and offers 999.9 Swiss certified Kinebar gold in units small as 0.5 grams, exists as legal tender and is presently accepted as real money in 194 countries around the world. Gold purchases can be securely stored free of charge in the Swiss repository vault in St Gotthard Massif (same vault used by Swiss government) or shipped to your door.

This is a tremendously lucrative and beneficial program for all. For organizations seeking a unique way to raise funds, the Karatbar Gold fundraiser is a great opportunity where the right time, the right place, and the right product all converge.

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