Feeling Good About the Ecomony? Consider This as a Warning and an Opportunity

Our monetary system is not based on anything except the promise to tax us in the future. It’s just a belief system. During the Great Depression – the greatest deflation that we’ve ever known – our base money was gold, which could never disappear. In other words, one third wealth could not vanish!

Now the whole monetary system is based on credit – and this could ALL vanish. That’s what happened in the Great Depression. Fast forward to today, we are on a roller coaster of a ride first with the threat of deflation, followed by a helicopter drop, followed by big inflation, followed by real deflation, and then followed by hyperinflation. So far, the markets are reflecting this scenario.

As credit collapses, watch out! When people start feeling good again, we will hit the hyperinflation part of the process. At least with the Great Depression, we had 1/3 of our money in gold. Now with the continual printing of money by the Fed, we basically have nothing!

People do not understand the scale of the emergency that is going on right now with their own finances! People think the Fed and Ben Bernancke have fixed things and the economy is back on track. You hear that all the time on the news shows and media. But the Fed is still doing emergency measures. They are printing $85 Billion dollars a month – which is over a trillion dollars a year!!! Does anyone see a problem with this?

The scale of this problem is enormous, and while you may not see it right in front of your eyes, it’s out there and it’s real. This is an emergency the scale at which we’ve never seen before. Was the crash of 2008 just a speed bump on the route towards the main event? Maybe, seeing how there HAS to be economic consequences to the monetary recklessness that we’re seeing today. It’s just plain math.

But just because we’re looking at the future greatest financial calamity in history, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be the greatest opportunity in history as well. You can protect yourself and gain wealth at the same time. How? Start out by getting a free account at Karatbars, Internation – which will basically function as your very own gold-backed savings account and allow you to get into the gold business as an affiliate of the company where you’ll earn by buying gold while others do likewise.

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