Failed at Network Marketing? MLM? Affiliate Marketing? There’s Hope!

A recent stat indicated that over 97% of people entering network marketing or MLM opportunities literally make no money whatsoever. None! Nothing! They fail miserably. Some try over and over again with different affiliations and network marketing products and services and still fail. And if you take it one step further, if you’re not making any money at all in “your business”, you most likely are LOSING money since many require startup money.

Why would anyone want to get involved with this kind of track record? The answer is that if you’re in the 3% that actually DO make money at it, you’re probably making a lot of it. So how do you transition yourself into that 3%? The answer lies in figuring out why people fail at network marketing and MLM to being with.

Count me (and most of the MLM people I know) as part of the crowd that has, at one time or another, failed – and failed on multiple “opportunities”. I think the biggest reason why people don’t have more success with network marketing is the stigma attached to it. You’re supposed to approach your friends and family with a great “business opportunity that came across my desk” where the very words evoke pity from those you’re speaking to (mostly because they know your “great opportunity” is most likely a vitamin, weight loss, or save money on your phone bill type of thing).

And you know it too. You feel embarrassed. “I can’t believe I’m doing this”, you say to yourself. You eventually run out of warm contacts; Strangers think you’re pathetic. Your friends lose respect for you. Your family’s thinking “here we go again with another scheme”. So eventually, your passion isn’t there and so you quit. Regardless of what the MLM gurus say, that’s just the reality of network marketing and MLM. “Leaders” in your field will tell you otherwise, but we all know the truth because we’re constantly being bombarded by these “great deals” on Facebook and Twitter and that’s what WE’RE thinking!

However, it couldn’t be clearer with what’s happening in the global economy and the business world that you’d be insane to work a salaried 9-to-5 job when you’re at the mercy of an entitled boss with the threat of being fired or laid off on a daily basis. The writing’s on the wall: YOU NEED TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!!

Somehow, someway, you need to do this. That’s obvious (and should be clear based on what we see on the news and the economy every single day). So what do you do? Network marketing and MLM is out of the question for reasons mentioned above. Starting a business from scratch requires significant initial investment, so that may not be an option for you. Plus, you have to have some kind of product that your target market wants, needs, and can’t get enough of. And of course, you have to like what you do, or you’ll get burned out and eventually fail regardless of how much money you make. (and if you’re not into what you’re doing, you probably won’t make much).

That’s the dilemma facing most of society. You can’t invest in real estate, you can’t touch the stock market, and you can’t keep your money in the bank. So what do you do with your money, how do you make money, and where should it go when you make it? Again, it takes me back to an earlier statement: YOU NEED TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS! TODAY!!!

Based on what’s happening in the world, you have only three areas to concentrate on: mobile marketing and cell phones (they are a must and the market can only grow regardless of what happens on a global scale), energy and technology (people will continue to pay their electric bills, oil and gas will always be winners, and “going green” remains a global mainstay), and precious metals (gold and silver are your only solution to hedge against inflation and the almost certainty of a devalued dollar).

And that’s why, despite the tone of this article, I would encourage all who have failed at network marketing, mlm, affiliate marketing, and any other form of sales to look into KB Gold. In essence, KB Gold is a network marketing opportunity revolving around the conversion of fiat paper currency into precious metals such as gold and silver. But it’s completely unique in that the “product” you are “selling” is MONEY. (everyone needs it, everyone wants it, and no one can get enough of it).

What’s the word every Network Marketer or MLM’er cringes at? Autoship. If an opportunity involves “autoship”, it’s probably a loser and you’re paying way too much for your “great product”. There is no “AutoShip” with KB Gold. You set up an account and register for free. Then whenever you want to exchange your money for gold, you do so on your own schedule. You can put yourself on a monthly plan if you want, but you decide to do that at whatever monthly amount that YOU chose that’s right for you.

Plus you’re earning commissions on everyone in your network that does likewise. With KB Gold, you don’t have to talk people into a monthly protein shake autoship that accumulates in the garage while you’re forced to pay an enrollment fee plus a ridiculously high monthly fee to participate. (It’s amazing ANYONE succeeds in traditional MLM!) This is why most people fail at network marketing and why most MLM deals are preposterous. Also, what happens when you buy your autoship in traditional network marketing? Answer: you’re out money that you never get back and you’re accumulating useless product.

Consider what happens with KB Gold: you’re exchanging money for gold with absolutely no transaction fees, and you’re accumulating gold – which, based on just about every economic trend, is actually increasing in value and will continue to do so in the upcoming years. (yes, years!). Gold is your autoship so to speak. You’re product is money, which with gold is currently an appreciating asset. Accumulating it makes sense, and to do so with no fees involved makes it an attractive deal. And when you want to withdraw money, you exchange the cash equivalent of the gold you’ve accumulated and use the money as you see fit. You’re establishing a gold-backed savings account in a business environment – perhaps the most unique product on the planet.

So even though we all hate network marketing, we ARE network marketers, so to speak – only our group is doing it in another way, with out-of-the-box marketing techniques around a product we don’t have to be embarrassed with. We don’t want any part of that 97% failure rate. Although KB Gold is technically a network marketing opportunity, we are treating it like a business, a private gold currency exchange business. (Do a Google search on “Gold Currency Exchange” and see how popular this topic is).

How many network marketers are involved with a global gold currency exchange? Do you think you’d be embarrassed offering a private global currency exchange to help investors hedge against inflation? Of course not! That’s why this is different.

And that’s also why it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve failed in network marketing, MLM, or affiliate marketing. You can still start your own business with KB Gold with absolutely no upfront fees, a free registration, and no costs to exchange fiat paper currency into gold at the best gold spot prices you can possibly find. For more information and informative videos, visit the KB Gold Facebook Fan Page and “like us”.

Gold is the future. You MUST start your own business. KB Gold provides you with the vehicle to FINALLY  become successful despite past failures. Class dismissed!

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