Facts About KB Gold Business and Starting Your Free Gold-Backed Savings Plan

Here are some interesting facts regarding the KB Gold Buying Opportunity and how you can start a free gold-backed savings account to hedge against financial crisis’:

  1. Clarification on how much bullion can KB extract from other refinery tailings (Tailings = pulverized stone that remain after processing.):FACT: KB “trucks in” tailings from other refineries and is able to remove additional bullion. Each load of tailings they receive at KB’s refinery vary. After reprocessing other refineries tailings, KB may extract as little as 1 or 2 grams per ton from some loads and many more grams from other loads. The amount depends on the technologies used by other refineries.The key here is that KB is able to take competitor waste and refine more gold/silver. There is an UNLIMITED supply in the marketplace. This is a proprietary “Patent Pending” extraction technology.
  2. FACT: KB’s refinery technology is totally GREEN – KB does NOT use toxic chemicals in their refining process. How many refineries can say that?
  3. FACT: KB Gold has created a new and exciting way to acquire gold and silver bullion – KB has eliminated the “middle man” profits – creating a way for everyone to buy direct. KB owns the mine, the refinery, the mint and the distribution. Everyone else buys their gold and silver after it has passed through traditional channels:

    The mining company – takes their profits before selling to the refinery
    The refinery – takes their profits before selling to the wholesaler
    The wholesaler – takes their profits before selling to the retailer
    The retailer – takes their profits before selling to the open market

These 3 facts give KB a tactical advantage in the marketplace, expands their profit margins and positions them for tremendous profitability and worldwide growth – not to mention they have ample funds to be able to GROSSLY OVERPAY those that take advantage of their gold business opportunity.

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