Everybody’s Incompetent – Except You

All the news about the Ebola virus once again shows that once a crisis happens, those in charge are proven over and over again to be incompetent in their jobs. The first time the Center for Disease Control is faced with a significant challenge, we find out the center for disease control can’t control disease – and that’s straight from the mouth of the CDC director Tom Frieden. Watch Megyn Kelly pick apart his doublespeak in the video below:

How’s the Iraqi war going? Incompetence. Who’s charged with controlling ISIS? Incompetence. How’s the nation’s healthcare system? Incompetence. Who’s in charge of border control? Incompetence. Why are there so many crazy legal decisions coming from our courts? Incompetence. Who’s running the IRS? Incompetence. Who hires for the Secret Service to protect the President? Incompetence. Why does airport TSA search old ladies and allow psychopaths to pass through? Incompetence.

There’s probably someone right now in government in charge of “Intergalactic Alien Relations” – and when and if we ever get visited by such, we’re going to find out that person is incompetent too. Just like whoever is currently employed as the “Director of Time Travel”, they’re incompetent as well and we’ll find that out as soon as time travel becomes possible.

But all kidding aside, the whole point of this post is this: if you know everyone in charge of any form of government are incompetent, how can you possibly take them seriously about what’s happening with YOUR finances!?!?

You’re not incompetent about you!

If you just sit back and blindly believe the government is on your side and will protect you when (not if) things get really bad and the dollar collapses and you can’t find food to feed your family, you are simply kidding yourself.

Even if the government had your best interests in mind, incompetence will get in the way and it won’t even matter. YOU have to get control of your own finances, monetary situation, and future.

Perhaps this is too drastic an outlook? Well, consider that less than a month ago, no one was even talking about Ebola and now we can expect 10,000 infected EVERY WEEK! When the dollar collapses, you will see disaster on an even much quicker scale. Your action plan then is this:

  1. Open a free Karatbars Gold account where you can accumulate gold in small quantities at your own pace with absolutely no restrictions or monthly purchase requirements. Do this NOW
  2. Make a commitment to yourself that you’ll sign up as a Karatbar affiliate and turn this opportunity into a small home based business. A gold business will not fail during a financial crisis!
  3. Follow the 12-Step program where you can not only continue to acquire gold, but set in motion a system where you can acquire future purchases for free.
  4. Share your story with other people (when they ask you what you do – your secure demeanor in the face of crisis will speak for itself).

The Federal Reserve is not federal and it’s not a reserve. Our “growing” economy is being fueled by more debt and the continuous printing of worthless paper that mathematically MUST end in disaster. All the crap you read about everything being great and “spend spend spend” is being generated by people who are completely incompetent in what they are doing (here is more proof). Sadly, we won’t find that out for sure until the dollar becomes completely worthless – and when we’re all broke, what will we all do then, ask for those people’s in charge resignation?

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