Does $1800 Gold Signal Recession? Is JP Morgan Stanley Clueless?

Really, JP Morgan?  Do you REALLY think we’re “dangerously close to a recession“? Thanks for the warning! These groups like Morgan Stanley must really think the general public are a bunch of idiots – but then again, maybe we are.

Here’s what’s going on in the real world, world bankers who have no idea what the common ordinary person is experiencing in their personal lives: We’re not DANGEROUSLY CLOSE to a recession… we’re in a FULL BLOWN recession. The recession is here. Look around you. Times are not getting better.

And Morgan Stanley comes out with their “warning” today. Are they for real? Gold’s at way over $1,800/ounce and smart people continue to buy gold today and to start gold buying business opportunities since there’s absolutely no confidence in the U.S. dollar. Something has to be done to protect yourself and hedge against financial crisis – good thing Morgan Stanley’s just told us that we’re very close to that happening otherwise no one would probably know!

If you haven’t already registered for free for your gold-backed savings account at the KB Gold private global gold currency exchange, then you’re probably one of Morgan Stanley’s favorite demographic (and that’s not good).

Gold’s at $1,800  and going higher. Everyone sees it – what are you waiting for? … maybe Morgan Stanley will tell you to buy gold when it’s $4,000/ounce (which is not that far=fetched based on economic indicators and the virtual certainty of the collapse of the U.S. dollar). Will you do it then?

The fact is we’re dangerously close to a full blown out DEPRESSION, not some recession we’re currently in already. You don’t need some major banking institution to tell you that. Just look around.

So please, for your own sake, TAKE SOME ACTION – these bankers think you are STUPID! Don’t let them win.

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