Did You Know We’re on a Gold Standard RIGHT NOW?

Max Keiser’s latest article is entitled “We are on a gold standard now, even though it is not recognized” and it completely hits the nail on the head as to were we are gold-wise in today’s uncertain financial times.
Regardless of what people may tell you, gold plays a huge role in world economic events and if nothing else, you should be aware of the “gold standard” by which the rules of the game play out. It’s NOT in your favor with fiat paper currency.

Never was … never will be. The fact of the matter is that all world workings and events point to the fact that gold, not cash, is king! You better believe it or be in for some tough times in the future when what Kaiser calls the “petro-dollar” collapses.

When the Fed announced they would not taper their disastrous QE bond buying program, the price of gold dropped quickly and substantially. Ask yourself if it’s time to buy gold now and act today!

But the Fed really is one big hedge fund, an observation recently made by Warren Buffet (who knows a thing or two about investments and the markets). He is on the receiving end of the biggest transfer of wealth in history, and you can be too if you make the same moves he makes – such as understanding how important gold is to your financial future. In effect, the world is already on a gold standard right now or as Kaiser states:

The price of gold is telling you that the Fed Ponzi is running at full tilt and that the ravages of having such a destructive mechanism at the heart of the economy are unraveling. Because even with all that effort, the trend of the price of Gold is still higher and at some point the ability to keep it down will fail”

Where will you be at that point? Will you have been accumulating gold on a consistent basis with a gold Karatbar program with a detailed and proven system of success?.. or will you be one of those naysayers reading this right now and saying “I should have…”

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