Buy Small Units of Pure Gold Bullion Starting with 1 Gram Ingots

Gold has always been a safe harbor of value, and today represents your best vehicle to provide investors with a hedge against market instability, inflation, and the inevitable depreciation of fiat paper currency, regardless of country or political, social, or economic unrest.

One of the reasons of the popularity of gold throughout the ages is its resistance to market volatility. However, the big problem with purchasing gold and accumulating gold is that it’s generally made available only in ounces, bars, or large amounts. This prices out the small time buyer who would rather purchase their gold in small increments. Karatbars, International has solved this issue by making gold available by introducing units of pure 999.9 gold bullion starting with 1 gram ingots, making the process of buying gold more accessible and affordable.

Karatbars are now a world-wide opportunity for gold buying and accumulation.  We’ve been promoting gold as a vehicle to hedge for the financial crisis and devastation that may be right around the corner and continue to suggest people start converting their unstable fiat paper currency into the store of value that is gold.

The Karatbar gold ingots have been certified by LBMA (London Bullion Market Association), thereby ensuring gold buyers about the purity and weight of the Karatbar gold asset, which are presently available in 1, 1.5 and 5 grams denominations. As further proof of product superiority, each Karatbar bullion is 999.9 currency grade gold and come implanted in impressive Karatbar cards, which are hologramed credit-card sized cards that serve as protection for the gold and a certification of its authenticity, quality and purity.

Besides being real gold, Karatbars act as statement pieces that are impressive to everyone who sees them. Limited Edition cards are also available serving almost as “collector’s items”, further enhancing their value over time.

Every Karatbar affiliate has a personalized website created to give people easy access to purchasing Karatbar gold and a backoffice to keep track for those wishing to start a home based Karatbar business. On this website, people can watch a short informative video about Karatbars and what makes Karatbars one of the greatest business opportunities out there. If prospects understand the vision, interested people can fill out a short online form that will allow them to learn more about Karatbars and the best way of starting the process of gold ownership. (And how to make it a lucrative business for themselves as well).

Look, we know many of you are struggling out there right now, and many of you have probably tried a number of MLM, network marketing, and homebased businesses in the past, only to be discouraged for whatever reason. (Mostly it’s because of the word “autoship”, which basically is code for “failure”). Karatbars is different because your actual product is money – all you’re asking is for people to exchange their paper money for real pure gold, in small increments they can see, touch, and feel – And most importantly use just like a credit card for products and services should financial disaster happen our way.

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