Buy Gold with American Gold Reserve and Earn As An Gold Affiliate

It’s time to buy gold. We all know that. You need to take action now. That is why it’s so important for you to get involved with a program that allows you to buy gold directly from the source – which is why you really need to join the American Gold Reserve (use affiliate code “rcosta”) -  in addition to becoming a KB Gold affiliate.

Enroll in the American Gold Reserve - Use affiliate code "rcosta"

Enroll in the American Gold Reserve - Use affiliate code "rcosta"

Wayne Palmer co-owns the American Gold Reserve. Who is Wayne Palmer? For starters, he’s a rock solid financial advisor to some guy named Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.

Wayne Palmer has an extensive background in real estate dating back to 1976, including development, private lending and syndication. Wayne’s company owns the 2nd largest gold mint in the United States. Besides being Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Creative Financing Advisor, Wayne is also an avid “exchanger”. His 2011 sessions on exchanging were so immensely popular he has promised to reprise and expand them in 2012, which is also his 3rd consecutive Investor Summit at Sea™.

Wayne, his gold buying partner Reed Larsen, and master gold affiliate Ron Spence will be hosting informational conference calls explaining exactly what the American Gold Reserve is all about as they prepare to launch the company to the world.

Every Tuesday at 9:00pm (EST) – 6:00am (PCT), the American Gold Reserve Conference Call will have one or both of the owners on a conference call to share with everyone. This will give everyone a chance to meet the owner(s), and hear directly from them as to where they are heading, and how they believe that American Gold Reserve is going to become one of the most successful product driven network marketing companies in the history of the industry!!

You can access these conference calls with the following dial-in number: 1-712-432-0900 (use pin “114584″)

If you missed the American Gold Reserve “Meet the Owner” Conference Call on Tuesday 07-05-11 you can listen to the 24-7 Re-Play by clicking on the LINK below:

Join the American Gold Reserve today (don’t forget to use affiliate code “rcosta”) and we’ll welcome you to the team! We’ll also keep you posted on how to make this opportunity successful for you.

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One Response to Buy Gold with American Gold Reserve and Earn As An Gold Affiliate

  1. Rob Cornell says:

    When are they projecting to launch? Looks promising, but cannot seem to find much more than this prelaunch ramble.

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