Best Businesses for 2014: Start Your Own Gold Currency Business with Karatbars

Just do a websearch on “home based businesses” and you’ll see so much nonsense it’ll knock you off your seat! And believe me, I’ve seen my share of them. Most of them are a complete waste of time. Actually, I thought ALL of them were until I ran across Karatbars. With Karatbars, you as an Independent Affiliate set people up with Gold Accumulation Plans and earn weekly compensation from that activity.

It is a gold savings program that offers each participant the opportunity to exchange paper or digital money for gold, direct, without a bank or broker. The rest of this post and the video below explains why this is perhaps the best business for you to start from now through 2014 and beyond:

The Company pays affiliates referral rewards each Friday for telling others that also use the system how to protect and multiply capital. The best part is if you follow the Optional 12 Week Plan Qualification program, you’re almost assured to be a success in the business. There are just 3 simple steps:

  1. Set up a FREE Account and select/acquire any “Package”
  2. Save 1 gram, every week, using the “system”
  3. Find 2 people willing to do the same thing

Skeptical? Call this number for a 3 minute informational call: 1-218-844-3182 (use pin: 3010 8646)

Karatbars offers you the correct way to “save money” – by exchanging paper money into gold money, and then saving it. Thousands of people, all over the world, are doing this very same thing each week. Each transaction (movement of money) creates transaction fees and profits that are shared with affiliates. Once you register your free account, here’s what you need to do next:

  1. Order a Package (You Select Earning Power)
  2. Upload KYC Documents (To Get Paid)
  3. Order Gold (Move Money)
  4. Share Your Landing Page
  5. Attend a Webinar and/or Live Event

A FREE Karatbars Account gives you:

  • Access to Asset Class (That is the Best Quality Collateral that is portable)
  • A Vehicle to Preserve and Multiply Capital
  • An Income Producing Asset (Great history of price & performance)
  • The Ability to “Spin Off” Weekly Cash Flow (unencumbered, no debts or debt payments required)
  • An asset de-coupled from any Banking System, Interest Rates and Fiat Paper Currency
  • The Ability to leverage Gold and Gold Prices
    ….. All with no repairs, storage, or maintenance costs.

This home based business opportunity is nothing short of incredible, and revolves around the earnings and profits which can be paid in cash and/or 999.9 Gold Grams called Karatbars.

NO! This is not an illegal pyramid or another MLM program. Here are some company facts:

  • Karatbars International is based in Stuttgart Germany.
  • WTO registered as an e-commerce Company, with an Affiliate Program (like Amazon).
  • All components of the affiliate program are optional. There are no requirements or purchase quotas.

Karatbars International offers savings and money moving strategies, as well as the free software to do it with. Thousands worldwide are joining this movement. Karatbars International expedites metal goods sales, secure storage, delivery, payment processing and innovativer money moving stategies.

Remember that Germany has extremely strict business laws. Karatbars has met or exceeded German Business Standards for over 4 years and has also met or exceeded International Commerce Laws, with a 3 year track record of successful, compliant operations. Karatbars International has a 4 year history that is impressive. The company does business in over 80 Countries, shipping 999.9 LBMA stamped, 1 gram units to 60 Countries.

As a Karatbars affiliate, your job is to set people up with gold accumulation plans to earn weekly income from that activity. It is a Gold savings program that offers each participant the opportunity to exchange paper or digital money for gold – direct – without a bank or broker. These accounts are set up at no cost. It’s free to sign up and even free to use.

Karatbars pays you referral rewards every week for telling others that also use the system to protect and multiply capital. It is NOT an MLM program. The price of gold is immaterial as the program is based on dollar cost averaging over an extended period of time. Karatbars is NOT for speculators! Here’s what else it is NOT: It is not a short term profit generating program or a speculative investment. Buying gold low, and selling it high later for a profit, is NOT a part of this plan!

The 12 Week Plan is a mathematical example of what can happen when you follow the plan over a 12 week period which allows you to start a perpetual gold acquisition from commissions, not money out of your pocket. Weekly cash flow is happening from the system as a result of hundreds and thousands of people, all connected by a referral, exchanging paper money (gold substitute) for gold money.

Affiliate leaders have developed this income strategy that works when you follow the plan, where you can REALISTICALLY earn passive residual income of $4,000 – $30,000 per week. (Yes, that’s PER WEEK!)

Learn why thousands of people all over the world are taking advantage of this incredible program. When it comes to a free Karatbars account, it is best to “have and not need” than to “need and not have”.

With a free account, all you’re doing is money movement, as in exchanging your paper money into gold money. That’s it! There’s no “nickling and dime-ing” people with enrollment fees, website fees, annual renewal fees, etc.  There’s no useless spending – Karatbars rewards saving, not spending. Simply have the ability to exchange or “move” fiat paper “money” into 999.9 currency grade gold money, one gram at a time.

Do your research, but first be sure to secure a position within our organization for free RIGHT NOW. Then send us an email or contact us to let us know you have enrolled and we’ll be in touch with tips and suggestions to insure your success!

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